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Old Comments:

2010-07-25 15:17:16
You ceased being entertaining some time ago and have become an embarrassment to yourself.
2010-07-25 14:31:35
You're C. Nimbus - there is a type of cloud named after you - cumulonimbus ;-) Everytime I click on your name, I see that you posted 119 photos, 74 became popular. Yet, at each attempt, when I click to see the photos, nothing came up! So I thought that perhaps you may not have posted any photos...yet I remembered your more likely they might have been downvoted to -13 and thus gone to 'oblivion'...I find it very odd. As this is not the case, I apologize to you. But, I still can't see your photos. I have alienated a few people because, contrary to what many others do, I respond to them using my regular name. I don't hide behind a troll name, fearing of being targeted. What is there to uploads and comments get what? I'm told I am delusional by Patito and Poppy...I suffer from dementia etc. So what? They are accusing Connie not me. I don't take it personal. This is cyberspace for crying out loud. My only beef on this site is lying and cheating. But, even that is entertaining.
2010-07-25 13:46:50
BondJamesBond - same style of writing as Poppy. Get your 'facts' straight: 1) I never posted a photo with a wolf that I put words I was referring to a photo of the Redwood forest...and the title of the photo was put on by the photographer...which JChip8 did. He did that to others also. 2) I never said that Poppy was JChip8; I said that others had said so, and that I would not be surprised. I said I suspected that was possible because a couple of times when someone make a remark to JChip8, Poppy answered for JChip8 as if she was JChip8. 3) I have never targeted anyone who told me off or accused me of whatever by using a troll name to respond to them or downvoting their uploads. To disagree or even to tell someone off is not targeting...unless you and I have a different idea of what targeting is on this site. 4) Perhaps some might say you are targeting me.
2010-07-25 13:20:55
I'm C. Nimbus..when I click on my name it shows I've posted 119 photos. 74 became popular. This is my 4th comment. Yet I read above that I have ":not posted photos before" ..or "the few that were posted were sent to oblivion" Yet I sense that Connie doesn't understand why she has aliented so many people here.
2010-07-25 12:38:39
Your logic is way off the mark Connie. You try to make Ru sound innocent when Ru was the first one to comment here..sounding like the queen of england, she tells Cumulo Nimbus that there is no excuse for this repost..get many reposts are here on pixdaus each day? Yet Ru who continues to complain that poppy was rude to her, a newcomer, by telling her to diversify, speaks to Cumulo Nimbus in such a rude way! and then brings poppy into the discussion once again. Speaking of rudeness what about the way you have treated other users here connie? like telling PictureGirl that the only reason she was complimenting and being friendly to other posters was that she was networking. Your grudge against Jchip8, which you have repeated several times is hilarious! you said you posted a picture of a wolf and wrote some words on it and that Jchip8 had the nerve to post the same picture without the words, naturally he has been on your list ever since, and your hatred for poppy makes it only logical to assume that Jchip8 is infact poppy. It's ridiculous and as I said before I remember these things because you have repeated them so many times, and the reason for the alias is to avoid being targeted by you. Ask the people you have already targeted...who needs it!
2010-07-25 11:59:48
What I object to is this: I have nothing to do with this page, yet my name has been mentioned here 30 times by at least 5 different characters as if I were a rubber ball that can be tossed around for entertainment and fun. Not all comments were anti-poppy, but most were. How can presumably sane adults resort to such behaviour?
2010-07-25 11:50:43
I'm not answering for Ru since your comment did not refer to her at all. I'm answering for myself. You created everything on this page and others. You set up the do that so well.
2010-07-25 11:35:58
But connie, I have 'created' nothing on this page. And why are you answering for ru? Are you her secretary now?
2010-07-25 11:20:32
But Poppy, I can't speak for others, I'm only reacting to the scenerio you created for your players and others like me.
2010-07-25 11:18:28
You're an Observer!! Observer do not make comments - they simply observe. You not only made comments but also were judge and jury. I have alluded before to the fact that I might be involved in the study of Group Dynamics. I first came across Pixdaus while searching for photos for my powerpoint slide shows - personal and business. I realized that it could be a good place to observe group interactions on the Internet versus the work place. It would be good material for a paper...presentations etc. At first, I was simply an observer. I certainly did not make any comments and most certainly not give my opinion or draw conclusions during that time. It would taint the observed behaviour or research and any conclusions....An amateur would know that! However, for a different perspective...point of view, I did move to a whole new area by making my opinion... etc. But, I cannot claim I am an observer at this point; it would be ludricous to do so.
2010-07-25 11:04:19
I have to admire the tenacity of some people for hashing the same things over and over. Grown-ups are behaving like juveniles, creating endless theories about who is who, who did what and to whom, and who said this or that. I don't care a rat's rear end about who anybody has been, was, is, or will be. Grow up, the lot of you!
2010-07-25 10:50:16
It is so transparently obvious eh? You're funny Potty Mouth.
2010-07-25 10:47:56
PETEY Poppy returns from her 'vacation’ and players/scenarios are set up (her usual style). 1 - As soon as she starts posting, someone tells Poppy a few times to leave Pixdaus...using 'one-comment' names. 2 - Cumulo Nimbus posts this photo. I clicked on the name, and that person has not posted photos before...or the few that were posted were sent to oblivion. 3 - Cumulo chose, probably his/her first post, a Ru upload – a perfect foil for Poppy to continue to defend her rudeness to a newcomer. 4 – Petey, on cue, rushes to Poppy’s defense and quotes comments from a previous upload. 5 – One comment wonder Verve then accuses Connie of being Ru. SIXTH 6 – One comment wonder BondJamesBond rushes in with great memory that “you (Ru) and Poppy spoke maybe twice” wonders' using different names (I apologize, you are not one of them), You just breezed in to defend Poppy's sarcastic and rude comment to a new poster…using unsound and untrue reasons as to why Ru’s uploads were down voted so much: Your reasons: 1) Duplicates You said to Ru “your picture was already a repost, so stop your whining”. I did a complete search under ‘elephant’ and ‘elephants’, and this photo did not show up. You are either being deliberately misleading, or a previous poster put a wrong caption and/or tag, so that should not count. You say that Ru has posted "a great many" duplicates, but you gave no proof. I do not recall that she did so, but I could be wrong. Danis and JChip8 have posted a great many duplicates (Danis not lately, but JChip8 still continues). However, their duplicate uploads still get a lot of votes. In fact, JChip8 has never been bumped off the #1 position on the ‘Top List'. 2) One-Site Only You say that Ru posted using only one site. Others, like Ru, do not want to post photos without the approval of the photographers. They mostly use one site. I have not seen their photos being down voted because of that. 3) Size of Picture You say that Ru’s pictures could be blamed. I and many others have posted big pictures, some award-winning, that went down the tube. Some have posted small pictures but they still got high votes. You say that “the combination of the three has never worked here”. I do not agree with that statement. Based on what I observed in the two years on this site, the duplicates, the size of the photo, and one site only issues would not be much of a factor in having one’s uploads down voted. The name of the poster has far more influence. As for your comment re royal ‘we’: I wrote “If we're to make assumptions here, I will take a good guess that Petey is Poppy, and Verve is her ever-faithful lap dog Patito….” I was referring to BondJamesBond’s and Verve’s comments about me. How did you get the “royal we” and/or “speaking for everyone else” from my comment?
2010-07-25 06:13:30
So, Poppy Bo Peep - I see you're still insulting my knowledge of computers. I agree that I am not knowledgeable in that area. When I was working (now semi-retired), I always had an Assistant who did all the computer work for me. That was because I was doing my stupid work as a Human Resource Advisor. It does not require brains/intelligence to learn all the programs etc. I just use the computer to do research, power point presentations, e-mail etc as I am still doing some (not much) contract work as a Consultant, but mostly working on effecting changes in the Federal/Provincial governments and their Agencies. I will remain stupid with my fairly basic knowledge of computers, but I will keep myself involved in trying to improve the lives of my fellow Canadians. And, what are you doing with your life PoppyBoPeep?
2010-07-25 05:11:34
Dear Mrs Liar, we regret to inform you that your son, Patitoisa, has again escaped from custody and is at large . You may rest assured we will spare no effort to see that he is apprehended and returned safely to this institution as soon as possible. Meanwhile, may we suggest you inform your neighbors so that they can keep a close eye on their livestock, especially the ewes, nanny goats, milk cows and other female farm animals, since there is a strong possibility that Patitoisa will revert to his former deviant behavior. Thank you and best wishes, Chrystal Chanda Leer, Family Outreach Coordinator The Patito Institute for the Chronically Assholistic
2010-07-25 04:59:07
@RU don't worry, dude! the first thing you have to know is that patito is the biggest liar and the biggest troll at Pixdaus! here in this case, "petey" is definitely patito, so as ALL other one-comment-morons here who suddenly support him! it's a little wonder that no other of his many, many, many aliases appear on the stage (like "exeter", or "tuskegee", etc.) but if patito want to "support" his pics (even if they were uploaded under a pseudo like "Cumulo Nimbus") he gave them 20 votes! that's all! (see "Sistah Barista") patito is just a little brainsick and cowardly boy who is hiding behind his admin-powers! he lives a very dipshit life and Pixdaus is the only place where he feels powerful!
2010-07-25 04:56:25
first cousin to shows_it and blows_it;)
2010-07-25 04:39:42
Tineye is not something one "has," it's just a service that can be used by anybody. Nothing to join or subscribe to or sign up for. And so simple to use that probably even you can do it.
2010-07-24 23:44:29
It is so transparently obvious that Connie has constructed the charatcer Ru as a foil for her own vendettas and comments that her efforts to conceal and obfuscate it are laughable and becoming increasingly more so. It's okay, Connie. Nobody cares, really. Just don't imagine that you're fooling anybody.
2010-07-24 20:54:10
Ru, whatever grievances you have with poppy is none of my business but as it is part of my work to be here as an observer I have not noticed any hostility by poppy toward you. She wrote the comment I quoted, and followed it by another comment to you which also lacked hostility (you can see that comment under the same picture, ). The only hostility I have detected in regard to poppy and you has come from you and not her. I have an interest in Internet sites where people make comments, and I particularly study their behavioral patterns. The troll phenomenon is another area of my study, and this site has provided me with extensive material. Therefore, ru, I know what goes on here. E.g. your claim that poppy has tried to steal your user name has not been anywhere in evidence before now, and your commenting on poppy when she has been absent is closely resembling troll behavior. By categorically stating that I am poppy enters you into the realm of delusion. You can believe what you like, in a way I am thankful because you are enriching my research.
2010-07-24 20:49:34
Connie, where did I refer to your disagreement with poppy? I was addressing ru who brought up poppy’s name and seemed to be of the opinion that poppy is downvoting her pictures; I wanted to point out that there are much more obvious reasons for the downvoting, primarily the duplicates in ru’s uploads but the small pictures and using only one photo site did not help either. The combination of the three has never worked here. Why do I care? I don’t, I was just exercising my right to air my opinion. Are you using the royal ‘we’ when you say “If we're to make assumptions here” or are you speaking for everyone now? Your assumption about my identity is leading you up the wrong path because of your penchant for seeing poppy everywhere. By the way, I am not a ‘one-comment wonder’, this comment is number 36.
2010-07-24 16:53:13
Did you not have a short stopover in Vancouver...wanting to go to Granville Island to buy some pottery? You mentioned that you noticed we have a big asian population in Vancouver. Or, am I mistaking you for someone else with those comments?
2010-07-24 16:20:16
On my computer, they come out as a series of squares, not question marks. Now that you mention it, I do remember you writing that your children were going to school in England, and your husband worked in Brussels, but you did not say for whom. I visited Bruges in the 70s. I loved it! I remember sitting at an outdoor cafe near a canal with weeping willows. Are you Belgium or of Russian descent? There was a French Belge community where I grew up. They imigrated to Canada after WWII.
2010-07-24 16:05:00
I never saw the photo of Danis and his wife How come you haven't got the guts to comment under your regular username? Connie....who know everything
2010-07-24 15:54:57
Hello Ru, so glad you joined us again. it's interesting how each time you comment you give exact stats of your pics being voted down and then move quickly into your accusations against poppy. as far as I know you and poppy spoke maybe twice. the first time she told you to diversify, and that was such a rude thing to do and an outright attack on you and your pics. Yes it must be poppy who voted your pics down with cheater votes and all her friends too! No other newcomers have been treated so shamefully as you or had there pics voted down like you, and none have had connie come after them about reposts and accuse them of lying and cheating, even telling Danis that he reposts on purpose and spells the photographers name wrong on purpose, calling him "she" each time when he posted a picture of himself with his wife!........ if this sounds trivial and assinine, then read the comments below. This is what you people go on about and then you act like your so smart a real sleuth. If this person Ru was a newcomer to this site and someone said some rude thing to her would she come back time after time repeating the same story and going on and on about poppy? how come she pops back in at the same time poppy starts posting? it's bull. I am not poppy, but we all know by now how easy it is to become a target of Miss connie knows everything.
2010-07-24 15:40:14
Sorry Verve, I am not Connie. I did live in Paris for a little over a month, but learned virtually no French and I have never been to Vancouver.
2010-07-24 15:38:19
Connie, I live in Bruge part time with my husband who works in Brussels and I live in England part time with my children that are in school there. I am stating this just to clarify things.
2010-07-24 15:35:36
As for you Peanut butter, my best guess is that you are Patito, alert to come to Poppy's defense. None of these photos were published on Pixdaus before! As for 29, 30 and 20 times: that is actually a very small number for Internet postings. Many photos published to Pixdaus, for the first time, have been posted to the web well over 100 times or more. And yes, I have gotten "Internet" copy permissions for all copyrighted photos that I have posted. Can the original photographer contest these copyright permissions? Quite possibly! Is that a concern to me? No, because the permission has come from somebody who has already posted the photo to the Internet and claims the right to it. If the copyright has been infringed, it is they and not me that is responsible.
2010-07-24 15:26:26
Connie, I agree 100% with your first paragraph as your findings agree completely with mine. Oddly the photographer and credits were supplied, and appeared, with my photo when it was first uploaded written exactly as had requested in Russian. This is no longer true as these comments have now been replaced by a series of question marks. Why, I don't know. However, whoever the photographer may, or may not of been, implied to me that they held the copyright as far as Internet publication was concerned. I have an e-mail to them to this effect, albeit written in Russian. My husband, I might add, does Russian translations for NATO in Brussels.
2010-07-24 15:17:30
Kodak Jack, I am guessing that you are Jack Sparrow;l but that is just a guess on my part. I never said that my photo had not been posted on the Internet before. What I said was that it had not been posted on Pixdaus before and it hadn't. Outside of photos that are published by the photographer him/herself there are no photos on Pixdaus that have not been previously posted on the Internet. If you are "Jack Sparrow" you are one of the most notorious all time thieves of copyrighted works, and even seem proud of yourself for stealing them from the photographers.
2010-07-24 15:11:05
Petey, there is no doubt in my mind that you are indeed Poppy, your hostility towards me has been quite extensive, far more than the single comment that you post. It goes back way before then when you tried to steal my user name (that I had not registered) and actually went so far as to post comments using it as one of your alias names. As for that comment, who the hell were you to tell me what to post or what not too? And, why should you point out this advice to me and nobody else? I also challenge your statement that "a great many of the pictures that I posted had been posted here already". This simply IS NOT true.
2010-07-24 14:43:50
Peanut butter and jam: What does it matter how many times a photo has been posted on the web? We should only concern ourselves with how many time it has been posted on Pixdaus. Ru had responded to Poppy's comment by saying that she had, at that point, only gotten's permission to post photos from there to Pixdaus, therefore that is why she was only posting photos from that site. Like PictureGirl and Jujuba, she did not want to post photos iwithout permission. That is commendable. I don't get anyone's permission....not so commendable...naughty Connie. Ru had made a comment that she was living in Bruge, Belgium with her husband and children. So she is a she.
2010-07-24 14:34:12
I re-did the search using 10 pics per page as you did. Under 'elephant', there are 165 photos Under 'elephants, there are 71 photos I timed my searches from before typing the word to when I got to Ru's upload...using normal speed. Keying 'elephant': It shows there are 17 pages. It took me 1 mnt 34 secs to get to Ru's upload, which was half-way on page 5. Keying 'elephants': It shows there are only 8 pages (only 1 photo on last page). It took me 19 seconds to get to Ru's, which was only on page 2 . Since Cumulo Nimbus tagged the photo 'elephantS', he would have done the search using the 's' (if the search had been done). So, it would only have taken him/her 19 seconds to get to Ru's upload. If, by chance, Ru's upload would have been on the last page, it would have taken 1 mnt & 32 secs (I timed that also). By using the 's', it's a very simple search ;-) Now, folks will repeat that I am Ru. Not so, I'm simply Connie the Super Sleuth ;-)
2010-07-24 11:47:46
Sorry..the second entry should be 'elephant.'
2010-07-24 11:46:07
Enter 'elephants' in the search will see a page that, just above the first pic says, from left to right as follows : first page I previous page (page 1 of 8), next page, and to the far tight a box telling you how many pics appear per page..mine is set at 10.. Enter 'elephants' in your serach bar, the page will say: first page I previous page(1 of 17) next page, etc. That's a total of about 25 pages and at about 10 pics per page that's about 250 pics to sort through. That's not "a simple search."
2010-07-24 11:15:17
Kodak Jack - I did do a search under 'elephants' and I got exactly 72 photos. Ru's was number 20, and Cumulo's was number 39. I don't know how you came up with 17 pages! I can't determine the validity of your comment regarding the number of times that photo is on the internet as I don't have Tineye. Oddly enough, Ru's photo show Christie's @ as the photographer/location. Cumulo's shows Kurt Voorpolder as the photographer, with no location. I could not find either photographers on the web site connected with that particular photo.
2010-07-24 11:05:43
Why am I being involved in all this? First Petey (one-comment wonder) refers to my disagreement with Poppy re her rudeness to Ru, yet it has nothing to do with Ru's comment re repost. Secondly, Verve (another one-comment wonder) accusses me of being Ru. If we're to make assumptions here, I will take a good guess that Petey is Poppy, and Verve is her ever-faithful lap dog Patito. As soon as Poppy returns from her 'vacation', Petey pops up with the interesting comment "How do you construe that as hostility". Quite the coincidence! And who is nose_it?
2010-07-24 08:59:16
2010-07-24 06:54:34
Most people have figured out by now that Ru is Connie.
2010-07-24 05:18:32
petey pops still defending her bitchy comment to ru
2010-07-24 05:15:58
peanut butter poppy pretending she doesn't know ru is female.
2010-07-24 04:54:09
On page 1 of Ru's 'best photos' the photo of the boy with the hawk has been posted on the web 29 times, the photo of the ocelot 30 times and the photo of the wolf 20 times. Are we to believe that he "got copyright permission" to upload those photos as he claims ? It's possible, but not very likely.
2010-07-24 03:06:13
Do a file search for 'elephant' and you get 8 pages of photos. Search for 'elephants' and you get 17 pages of photos. That's hardly a simple search. Do a Tineye search and you'll find this photos has been posted on the internet 35 times..everything from wallpaper sites to album covers. Complaining about a repost of this pic as if it were your own is like dating the town whore and thinking she's a virgin.
2010-07-24 02:21:06
Ru, your picture was already a repost, so stop your whining. I found your photo under which poppy wrote a comment to you. She said: "There are photo sites on the Internet other than! If we wish to see all the phots [photos] on that site, we can go there. Diversify! Pls." How do you construe that as hostility? It is a fact that posting pictures from one site only has always in the past elicited complaints from viewers, and usually because such pictures have not been new posts on the original site and therefore resulted in numerous reposts when posted in Pixdaus. A great many of the pictures that you posted had been posted here already, which might explain some of the downvoting.
2010-07-23 17:06:09
This is a repost. I posted it about 3 months ago. There is really no excuse for this repost, since a simple search of the keyword "elephant" would have found the original post. Interestingly this post is doing a lot better than mine did. After I posted, the photo was quickly (less than 2 hours) voted down to a -12. However, instead of getting any further downvotes it gradually received upvotes and has since risen to +55, although it has taken 3 months for this to happen. This photo was the primary reason that I quit posting photos. I could see no logical reason for the downvotes that it got. All of my photos seemed to be getting very strong initial downvotes when first uploaded and the only logical explanation was that they were votes against me rather than votes against the photos. Poppy was the only Pixdaus user that ever exhibited hostility to me and my best guess was that these downvotes were coming from either her alone (cheating in the voting) or from her and several of her friends. I have actually been thinking about returning and posting again on Pixdaus, but I probably won't. I did take the trouble to get copyright permission to upload photos and I can only see two other persons doing this on Pixdaus. Cumulo Nimbus reposted this photo, but he/she did it without permission from the copyright holder.