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Posted By:Exeter

Old Comments:

2010-02-16 01:16:24
YOU are a dangerous lunatic, patito! Cause you are able to delete pics and comments here! And you are a monomaniac! Your "all-evils-are-one-former-user" theory is a joke and embarrassing! Even for you! Everything you told the Pixdaus public so far is a lie. And you hide behind offendings cause you don't have any arguments! p.s: "San Antonio de Valero" = another one-comment-idiot with patito's IP-Adress. No coincidence and no surprise! patito out of Pixdaus. Cos' he is a dangerous liar with a 20 vote power!
2010-02-16 00:18:01
I'm so's that I keep forgetting to take my meds...I'm really a nice person when I take them but when I'm off them I turn into a raving psycho lunatic and say terrible mom is supposed to help me remember, but the fleet's in and she's been working double shifts down at Honey's House of Professional Love ( where the customer always comes first ) and sometimes she's too tired to remind me... I just hope you people can find it in your hearts to forgive me for being such an obnoxious creep. I'm truly sorry.
2010-02-15 23:30:44
patito out of pixdaus=poppy is a liar=Logan=King Louie=a dozen other pseudonyms=lying nut-job hate-filled foul-mouthed psychopath...ALL have the same IP #....ALL are the same lunatic
2010-02-15 22:16:49
This pic suddenly get 20 votes at once! Fact. You want to deny it? You are the greatest LIAR here at Pixdaus patito/exeter... (Strangely enough patito/exeter have the same IP...) patito out of Pixdaus! He is a liar!
2010-02-15 21:48:05
P.O.O.P.=total nut-job non-contributing paranoid freak
2010-02-15 20:16:43
patito = exeter one click = 20 votes patito out of pixdaus!