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Old Comments:

2010-12-19 12:12:57
Pretty cool...
2008-08-19 09:59:52
gratuitous comment.
2008-02-25 22:13:11
I'd slam that and she'd scream my name!! BOO-YEAH!!! I'm a god walking amongst you.
2008-02-25 18:58:29
She has a really nice set
2008-02-25 16:45:57
yup definite nip slip, i wont disagree on that fact, clearly shows why the picture has the votes it does
2008-02-25 16:09:25
Definitly nip.
2008-02-25 16:02:00
It's sad that you look for things like that in photos and you really screwed up my comment section because people are going to see you're ignorant and sophomoric comment 1st.
2008-02-25 13:22:20
we all know this is only here because of the little-bit of nip-slip