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Old Comments:

2010-08-29 23:36:40
You are very welcome, Gabrielle. So glad I could help. And you did great work here too working this puzzle out. Many thanks for explaining that to us.. :)
2010-08-29 18:37:37
Great work PictureGirl that link explained all! The pic is part of a "challenge" for photoshopping - a group on flickr. Here is what their introduction says: About "True Blue Aussie and Kiwi Challenge Group" Hi and welcome!You have come here because you live in Australia or New Zealand and would like to be part of this exciting challenge group! You can post photos from all around the world, but you must live in Australia or New Zealand in order to play! Puzzle solved.
2010-08-29 18:02:47
Sorry... here is the link....
2010-08-29 18:02:21
Does this help, Gabrielle ? I doubt that you'll find much info about this pic from here though... ?
2010-08-29 17:48:03
I searched Stevpas68 too with the same lack of result. I suspect a Milk ad. with the man photoshopped in - notice the shadows? 'Tis a puzzlement!
2010-08-29 06:47:48
The tag says stevpass68, but it's actually Stevpas68. I knew that right away because I have a few of his photos...not yet posted. He (Steve Passlow) posts his photos on flickr, Photo Bucket, flickeflu. I searched under the caption but it did not come up.
2010-08-28 18:13:17
I checked stevpass68 on flickr but the pic did not come up. Has anyone seen this before? It really is amazing.
2010-08-27 19:27:14
That photo is definitely going to my great-niece. Someone needs to lose some weight, and it ain't the feline ;-) That's some beer gut - mama mia!
2010-08-27 18:44:24
What's the story here? Is this from an ad for a brand of milk?
2010-08-27 16:50:05
That's my cat! I want that cutie...