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Old Comments:

2009-01-14 21:50:30
Just a note: this trend is not exclusive to California, of course..Houston, the largest city in Texas and 4th largest in the US, is over 40% Hispanic..San Antonio, the 8th largest city in the US, is well over 50% Hispanic, but then it always has been..
2009-01-14 21:32:56
Yes' rememnber we are talking about the cities themselves, and not what demographers call Metropolitan Statistical Areas, which generally include a bunch of suburbs that are independently incorporated..the actual City of Mexico, por ejemplo, has a population of about 8 million..but if you count the entire urban complex in the Valley of Mexico it's about 20 million..quite possibly the largest city on earth, and maybe the largest city that has ever existed on earth..Now, Los Angeles itself has a population of almost 4 million..almost half of those folks are Hispanics, by far the single largest ethnic group in the city, already a plurality, and will be a majority within a very few years..the largest cities in Mexico after Mexico City, like Ecatepec, Puebla, Guadalajra, all have fewer than 2 million, though some are getting close to 2 yes, there are probably at least as many Hispanics in Los Angeles as any city in Mexico outside Mexico City itself, and probably more....whether that is a good thing or a bad thing depends on a person's perspective..."would you care for another class of wine, Ma'm?"
2009-01-14 18:01:30
Mavis, you have written two comments on Pixdaus, and you're off to a good start, already calling people idiots. I don't know where you're from, but wherever it is, good manners appear to be in short supply.
2009-01-14 12:09:10
Are you saying that there are more Hispanics in LA that in any city in Mexico except Mexico City?!!! Surely you jest. Last sentence I know what vino means, that's all.
2009-01-14 10:50:05
Okay, Ms C..what I said was that in factwe have the best Mexican food in all the world here in Texas...better than in Mexico, and much better than Calmex...which is actually hyperbole..I'm sure there are lots of good Mexican restaurants in California..Los Angles, por ejemplo, probably has more Hispanics than any city in Mexico with the exception of Mexico City..but Texmex , como se dice la comida Mexicano aqui en Tejas( as we call Mexican food here in Texas) is a distinct and venerable cuisine, dating back hundreds of years to the earliest Spanish resembles the cuisine in Mexico only, when we talk about Mexican food in Mexico, we need to remember that Mexico is a huge country, bigger than France and Spain combined, with distinct regional cuisines..the food in Coahuila and Durango is different from the food in Vera Cruz, which is different from the food in Oaxaca..quiere otra mas vaso de vino, Senora?
2009-01-14 08:38:57
Drats Patito, you did it again! If you're going to write in Spanish, at least give us a translation ;-)
2009-01-14 07:31:52
En realidad, tenemos aqui en Tejas la comida Mexicana mejor en todo del mundo..mejor que Mexico, y mucho mejor que la comida Calmex...
2009-01-14 07:11:13
I guess if you remove all of the San Fransisco area people and all of the L.A. people, California would be an alright place.
2009-01-14 07:02:05
Bull, the northern folks are idiots. The farther south you go, the sane people live. You must be one of the idiots.
2009-01-14 03:50:06
I can't remember the name; that was over 30 years ago, but the memory of the Tequila Sunrise and the Mexican food remains with me. That was better food than anywhere I've been in Mexico.
2009-01-13 23:47:31
Oh it is a long story.. I loved the fog in the valley.. lucky for me there is lots of fog in Norway also. :)
2009-01-13 23:12:54
Why would anybody leave the central valley to move to the Lapland area. Never mind the question answers itself. Did work take you away. Or do you really prefer snow over tule fog?
2009-01-13 23:07:19
Oh yeah. Where did you get this fantastic Tequila Sunrise.
2009-01-13 21:44:33
Was born just south of there, haven't been there in so many years... now I live in one of the countries that 'Lapland' is :)
2009-01-13 14:51:34
I had the best Tequila Sunrise and the very best Mexican meal in Sacramento. Did I mention the Tequila SunriseS ;-)
2009-01-13 12:54:55
Strange place, it's in four countries!
2009-01-13 12:50:08
I had to google Lapland
2009-01-13 12:40:02
Well, I'm off to Lapland for a visit, so how's that for a change of scenery?
2009-01-13 12:36:39
I miss living in N.California. I spent my first 19 years in Sac and then lived in Walnut Creek area for twenty more. Now I am in the southland about 40 minutes north of Palm Springs. Gotta be where the work is.
2009-01-13 12:29:25
Spent 6 months loafing around in California, mostly north of SF. Refused to go below San Luis Obispo because farther south I went, the crazier the people got. ;-)
2009-01-13 12:11:11
Bam! That was quick. What were you doing here?
2009-01-13 12:09:06
Sacramento, great place, I've been there!