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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2009-06-24 14:12:11
I agree... Yeah, dump the whole vote-thing. To combat negativity, I always vote up or not at all.
2009-06-23 11:22:10
Somebody downvoted this right as I was commenting, I voted for it, same thing happened the other day I went to compliment blue fuzzy one, and they knocked the pic to zero. I was just making a joke on this one. So much downvoting lately, and really interesting, the way the top pics had close to a hundred votes today..votes are useless here they might as well get rid of them.
2009-06-23 11:12:55
It's my home too jchip8! I posted a pic of it not the same pic... where are you? in the attic? :)
2009-06-23 11:03:33
Oh come on, don't be so bashfulll.... we know it's just your summer place!