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Old Comments:

2008-06-20 23:09:01
Also, consider that in that generation there are 32 individuals from whom you are equally descended genetically...most of us don't even know the names of all of our great-grandparents, so any connection to those generationsis precious..
2008-06-20 22:51:22
You ºÜÅ£X£¡
2008-04-18 06:58:08
Great,great great, grand picture. But also a great great, great Grandfather surely!
2008-03-21 14:38:01
Sure you do. (unfortunately) I saw the one you posted of yourself in a crib, befteckel.
2008-03-21 08:33:10
Did he have a cold?
2008-03-20 12:52:39
Thanks, Dax, for the picture and for the story behind it.
2008-03-20 03:52:47
I'd hit it! ...i mean ummm nevermind
2008-03-19 20:38:22
Thanks. I received scan of this photograph few weeks ago, and still it amazes me. It was taken in Zukojny, Lithuania (at that time Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), probably in late XIX century (at that time under Russian occupation).
2008-03-19 20:33:02
I don't even have old photo's of myself.
2008-03-19 14:57:26
This is so great. No pun intended. Anyway very few people have photos that go so far back into their family history.
2008-03-19 10:50:59
I love old pics like this.. I have also posted some old pics..thanks
2008-03-19 09:42:11
Great Photo!