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Old Comments:

2008-10-13 08:37:15
Beautiful, show us the rest of her face
2008-10-13 08:05:09
spectacular photography!!! The best in the internet!!!
2008-08-01 18:13:51
Golf clap!!!
2008-07-12 07:16:55
2008-07-06 12:48:14
2008-07-06 08:56:35
fantastic shot!!
2008-07-06 03:24:18
Great! Looks like you took the picture at the movies... only her eyes show a sunset... maybe both?!
2008-07-06 01:39:22
Does she only have the one?
2008-07-05 12:04:37
This is a wonderful pic, my friend. Excellent. Keep up the good work. Disregard the negative votes here. Not sure what the heck is up with them. Jealousy, maybe.