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Old Comments:

2010-08-03 11:00:59
Many thanks SpecialKRB for visiting us here and commenting. You are very welcome that I posted your photo on Pixdaus. Thankyou for giving your approval to that as well and not minding that I posted that here as well. It looks like a very beautiful part of the park.
2010-08-03 02:36:04
Thanks so much for posting my photo! In Central Park, there is an awesome little trail flanked by cherry trees. It is on the west side between the bridle path and the reservoir, from like W86th to W90th streets. In April/May the trees bloom for a short while and then dump all their blossoms.
2010-08-02 22:38:56
Thankyou Gabrielle. I would too... :)
2010-08-02 18:21:47
Just beautiful - I would love to walk along this pink path!
2010-08-02 18:19:58
Just beautiful - I would love to walk along this pink path!
2010-08-01 22:43:40
The photographer said that this is taken in Central Park. Here is the link to the set of photos that this picture comes from. It is the first picture in the fifth line of photos. I've never been to Central Park, so I don't know all about what goes on there or what the place really looks like. Thankyou New York, New York. Have a good day... :)
2010-08-01 22:33:50
Can't be Central Park because 1. No trash and litter on path 2. No joggers 3. No muggers behind trees
2010-08-01 22:22:20
Many thanks, Coy. Have a lovely day.. :)
2010-08-01 22:16:34
Lovely P.G.
2010-08-01 16:56:56
This scene was taken in Central Park, New York.....
2010-08-01 16:49:06
Thankyou Connie. I know what you mean... :)
2010-08-01 16:46:31
2010-08-01 16:36:31