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Old Comments:

2011-03-28 23:20:44
I'm not an expert but part of the vet's opinion was based on the way the boy's nose 'breaks' about halfway down his snout. Click on my name and go to my page and see the photo titled 'Golden Boy' on page 3 of my latest pics and you can see it clearly. That charcateristic is pure GS. And yes, I've posted several shots of him before, and yes, he really is my daughter's dog, though I'm the one who usually feeds him and who takes him to the beach every day to romp. Guess he's actually my 'granddog.' :)
2011-03-28 10:48:39
Parvo is a contagious virus that especially puppies can get. It is explained more in the link above.
2011-03-28 10:37:41
I meant to ask if Lab not retriever (doesn't look like a retriever but I don't see GS in him either). What is parvo? Is that the same dog you posted before? Sounds more like her dog than yours :)
2011-03-28 10:07:56
I'm so glad Patito that your daughter found him and had faith in him that he could get better and lead a good and happy life. That is so sad what happened to him as a puppy... :( And yes, I agree, he's a cutie alright.... :)
2011-03-28 10:00:10
Thanks ! I'm glad you like him. Our vet believes he's half Yellow Lab and half German Shepherd. My daughter found him when he was just a wee pup, almost dead from parvo, abandoned in a park in Houston where someone had dumped him. She took him to a vet who said he'd probably die but who agreed to try to save him, and against all odds he pulled through. My daughter nursed him back to health, and he's now extremely vigorous and weighs about 98 lbs. He's also the sweetest, gentlest, and maybe the smartest dog we've ever had, though he is territorial and fiercely protective of my daughter. He's also an obsessive retriever and will run after the ball for hours, literally.
2011-03-28 06:26:20
he or she is so cute! retriever?