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Old Comments:

2010-09-07 10:12:25
You might like this too then, Patito.... :)
2010-09-07 10:00:23
Wow, FBO, you just gobsmacked me with that little bit of trivia.....I went to Youtube and listened to it and it took me back almost fifty first ex-wife and I had that album ( Amor ) by Eydie and Los Panchos, and that was one of our favorite cuts. 'Piel Canela' means 'Cinnamon Skin." Eydie's father was a Sephardic Jew , her mom was a Turkish Jew, and though Eydie was born in New York City she grew up fluent in Ladino, a Jewish dialect based on Old Castilian. One of her first jobs, before she became a professional singer, was as a translator at the UN. As far as I know she's still living, but I think she's probably retired from singing. Thanks for the memory !
2010-09-07 09:27:57
Very pretty - I just love Tortieshell cats, I have one myself.
2010-09-07 04:17:52
Very cute cat - Piel Canela is also a beautiful spanish song - here is a link to it being sung by Eydie Gorme who recorded a spanish album with Trio Los Panchos -