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Posted By:Gabe

Old Comments:

2010-04-14 04:11:36
Gabe probably thought that this site was like flickr and others. They accept a photographer's photos all at once. This happened to others...and just recently. It's very unfortunate.
2010-04-13 21:31:46
It's unfortunate that Gabe must learn his lesson the hard way by having most of his photos voted down and out. Several of them were decent photos and, had they been posted alone, or even in small groups, would have become popular. The urge to flood the site with photos, often of the same subject and often mediocre, is a frequently recurring phenomenon and should be the subject of further study and research. Perhaps Professor Smartypants will write and submit a grant proposal.
2010-04-13 18:27:53
I've just been to Newly Added and I see what you mean, only today it seems to be small pics of insects! Not to mention the interminable old postcard pics of Tripoli by Cheshank. Time to limit uploads, I think, please Pixdaus
2010-04-13 17:58:44
Absolutely not! As I said I did not see the overkill only this cat. I don't approve of overkills, on Pixdaus, at all.
2010-04-13 15:59:27
All 60 may have been the same cat with the same name, talk about overkill. Fortunately most have been downvoted to -13 or less and are gone. Gabe and Gabrielle, similar names, any connectiond?
2010-04-13 13:05:38
No just this one - I have not seen all the ones you mention, only this which I like. I think people should limit limit their postings to only a few a day and pick their best or most interesting photos. That should give more variety and raise the standard.
2010-04-13 11:43:53
Gabe posted 60 (yes sixty) cat pictures today. Do you really want all of their names?
2010-04-13 10:15:58
Very pretty cat - does he/she have a name?
2010-04-13 09:03:01
Goober, although some of Gabe's cat pictures are appealing, at least to those of us who are Felineophiles, he has posted way too many of them. I didn't count, but there were several pages of cat photos, mostly rather pedestrian. That's why Bored User was bored. Too much..way too much..of a good thing.
2010-04-13 07:28:29
Why not do us all a favor, Bored User, and stick your head in the nearest commode for about fifteen minutes.
2010-04-13 05:27:57
Why not do all of us a favor, Gabe, and keep your cat to yourself.