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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-03-30 03:22:43
Can understand slow reconstruction, but the rubble still lying around 10 years later is a bit hard to swallow.
2008-03-30 02:22:20
fuck all wars.
2008-03-28 23:50:38
Germany was in ruins in 45. The point here, some places there was still ruins 10 years after. So it makes sense to me. Also, Wikipeida says the city was rebuilt by a rather conservative plan. This should also mean somewhat slow: it's must faster to start from the beginning.
2008-03-28 23:15:09
The caption on the original photo said 1954.
2008-03-28 22:51:11
Are you sure it's 1954? I would believe it was 1945 — a year II world war has finished.