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Old Comments:

2011-08-18 08:31:30
Jeez! This photo isn't "well composed" or "technically competent"! Where is your sense for quality???
2011-08-18 08:23:58
I accuse sms of posting too many pics a day. sms never get a sudden push of +20 votes for a crappy pic. But this pic does! ademiromano + peasant = patitos friends = +20 cheater votes. Fact.
2011-08-18 07:18:18
It doesn't matter who posts a comment if it's true, which the comment by But of Course. is. You're nothing but a creepy troll..crawl back in your hole.
2011-08-18 07:15:50
Anytime a comment gets immediately upvoted by 9 votes, like the one above by 'But of Course', it is a dead giveaway. But of Course IS patito. So you simply ignore the inane comments!
2011-08-17 17:48:28
But of course it would have to have been upvoted by some cheater, since this photo could not possibly be worthy of actually getting that many honest votes, right? Even despite the fact that it is well composed, colorful, technically competent, and one of the funniest and most imaginative and entertaining photos of the day, it certainly isn't worthy of 22 votes ! Come on, guys...bring on more dreamy, foggy, generic wallpaper landscapes and out-of-focus wildlife and bird pics !
2011-08-17 16:57:17
wolf359, how come you dont accuse sms of cheater votes for his crappy reposts? are u sms?
2011-08-17 10:18:45
...and upvoted with +20 cheater votes! Welcome back!
2011-08-17 10:01:39
2011-08-16 16:15:51
:) welcome back taz!