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Old Comments:

2008-04-22 14:47:27
heh, acctualy those tissues were left by my wife, but well, now I'm going to worry about her intentions ... ;P
2008-04-22 14:46:23
beeing bald is helpfull not only for photos like this ;) regards :)
2008-04-19 02:59:09
oh yeah and by the way: if you actually want to have pieces of the pictures to overlap (like he does, where he sits in front of himself) it does help to be bald or have very little hair, because getting the hair right, is the most work. oh yeah... and make sure your camera stays in the exact same position and that the lighting doesnt change much...
2008-04-19 02:57:31
thats the first thing i noticed as well :D muahahahaha
2008-04-19 02:57:06
a camera and gimp (which is the linux version of photoshop)... photoshop works fine as well of course :D
2008-04-19 02:53:37
How do you make a foto like this.? What do you need.?
2008-04-19 01:56:01
2008-04-19 00:45:35
lol this guy too, obviously. notice the tissues on the bed for cleaning up man-mess.
2008-04-18 23:10:02
very cool. don't listen to Hank he hasn't been laid in a long time and is projecting.
2008-04-18 18:23:09
Love it. 2 votes: 1 for the idea, 1 for using GIMP :)
2008-04-18 15:55:05
Lose some weight before you make yourself the subject of a triple exposure.