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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-02-21 22:16:26
Just as well you were in lockdown, Connie, because it would have been dangerous to be among this lot! ;-)
2009-02-21 15:34:46
I can't help you with this Blank; I'm in lockdown at the LB. One of the guards got mad when I hit him with my plastic spoon. There was still some mashed potato on it, and it got in his eyes. How was I to know that would happen? Now, his eyelids are glued together, and I'm in the tank. But, as soon as I come out, I'll see what I can do - if you're still sane and lucid that is.
2009-02-21 14:45:23
????????? Absolutely indecipherable ??????????
2009-02-21 14:03:35
Well D. Alliance, as I had expected, you are here now. ďAbsolutely indecipherableĒ, if it match you of course. Incorrigible and still a big mouth. Well that changes everything then. A big poster will also follow D.Alliance, blanco, t-z and so on, of course. For the rest no longer comments to you (and the other gas of course). Just one thing, I know WHO YOU REALLY ARE and I will not spare you. Itís a game for you to destroy much on this site, but itís also a game for me to wipe you out. Kind regards, Cohise
2009-02-21 12:49:25
Iíll tell it tomorrow or perhaps one of these next days because I have no mind to do it today. I know you are 24 H on 24, 7 days on 7 on Pixdaus, so that will not be a problem. But still, mind you keep a eye on it becauseÖ you understand ? Iíll put it on a special page Ė for that you may be sure, itís coming on, perhaps not so soon as you want, but then still a little later. Can you imagine a better surprise ? And if by accident you didnít notice it, Iíll put you in mind of it on the page of Mr. Grimsdale, better known as Sir Norman Wisdom (ooops, thatís here). And if still not reaction (that would be a pity for you), then I would be forced to put it on a big poster. Thatís less fascinate, you know. Well, thatís it for now, Mr Alliance or is it Sir ? Not likely, I think. In any case you are not a Lady or a gentleman. Je vous salue et ŗ bientot, PS: Perhaps in the meantime, Iíll leave a short message adressed to one of your ďcolleaguesĒ.
2009-02-21 08:27:37
Well, I guess you will think itís still funny. Or better, I hope it for you. Just a little more patience, please. Thatís good for the nervous system. Itís coming onÖ. hahahaa Ö Cohise
2009-02-21 08:08:17
You are not funny. At all.
2009-02-21 08:03:46
The answer is somewhere on Pixdaus. In a few moments. Not so far from you ... Hahahaa. I guess you will understand then. Keep looking... Capito ? Hahahaa... Cohise
2009-02-21 07:36:35
Pardon me, but I fail to comprehend your comment.
2009-02-21 07:20:14
Yes, sir. And is tailor is from then on completely gaga.
2009-02-21 07:06:54
I believe that is Sir Norman J Wisdom.
2009-02-21 06:55:53
But thatís Mr.Grimsdale, himself ! Alive and kicking ! You can see from here that is ďtailor is rich.Ē What a trauma for that man