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Old Comments:

2010-04-12 09:35:58
I arrest my case....
2010-04-12 09:35:23
That's ok, libellule. Just wasn't too sure about that. You know how sometimes when some people answer a comment under a certain name, it will go under a different area. I'm glad you had a good lunch. Danis' picture is now -11 as I type this... :(
2010-04-12 07:41:23
Bon nuit libellule!
2010-04-12 06:09:04
"boys" : I meant "sons".
2010-04-12 04:27:55
My children knew/have known Islands In Summer... So that they made this/their choice ! ( Once, much more later, I went to Patmos at the end of May/first of June. It was like I imagine/fancied Paradise.) About your very likeable Teddy Bear, Mr. Bean ... I hope it will have a good (our) night ! :-) We will see - you, your Bear,and I - to-morrow (our) morning ! καλό βράδυ! καληνύχτα!
2010-04-12 04:04:27
Your children are coming at the right time! From the middle of July until the end of August the islands -specialy Cyclades- have too many people.I wish to find their good memories again!! Now about the Bun Bo, I will search about it! Thank you so much!
2010-04-12 02:59:11
You are so lucky to live there ... My two boys had so many good remembers of Greek Islands when they were children ..., they have rent/rent for their holidays of this year two sailboats for two weeks - the last week of June and the first one of July -. To navigate through the Islands. With, this time, their own children, and some friends. Twelve people ... So that you have an idea of Bo Bun recipie : And I added fresh mint of my garden, and fresh coriander ( not from my garden ). Thiny cut. ... three hours to prepare ! It was very good, it was worth/worthed the work !
2010-04-12 01:55:56
The whole scene was like summer, you know tavern,near to the sea everything was ok! What is the chineese Bo Bun? was it good?? I know the white sauvignon ,it is perfect!!
2010-04-12 01:40:55
I found "Mr Bean" on Google : I knew/know him. But I had forgotten ...
2010-04-12 01:35:21
Please, Danis, tell me : who is Mr Bean ? I don't know ... I would like Premium Users like it ... They are getting up in New York, and around.... ....And I am going on my chatter of Sunday ( "φλυαρία" ? ) ! : Were your ouzo and your fish good ? ;-)
2010-04-12 01:02:42
Maybe this little teddy bear is likeable as Mr.Bean!
2010-04-12 00:31:11
Yes, I was speaking to you. I used "reply to this" under your own comment. I had a good lunch, ... and if Danis's picture was -8 before (my) lunch, it is now, just after it, only -1.
2010-04-11 22:15:06
Were you speaking to me, libellule ? Not too sure if you were or not....
2010-04-11 21:49:23
For dinner ! Danis and I, it is for lunch !
2010-04-11 21:01:27
Here in Australia, we will have a vegemite sandwich... :)
2010-04-11 19:09:06
Here, sunny too. But no ouzo : white wine sauvignon. Made in our village. And we'll make chineese cooking : Bo Bun. ( it takes a lot of time, but we are Sunday ! ) Have a good lunch ! And if you drink retsina, have a thought for me : I love it !
2010-04-11 18:28:25
Kalimera libellule, It's a sunny and warm day here, I think I will go for an ouzo and fish for lunch!..
2010-04-11 17:34:06
:-) Kali mera !