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Posted By:Logan5

Old Comments:

2009-07-10 04:19:39
Then you have to stop shopping at picture sites (where people post other people's pics) and start visiting sites where the photographers post their own pics. ;-) This pic was posted by Sanchis himself at a certain photo site on 26 June, so since then it has, more than likely, been available at any number of picture sites such as Pixdaus. The key is to go straight to where the pics are posted by the authors and not to the 'secondary' pic sites. - Anyway, we each do what we prefer to do, so... I am trying to teach you anything, so don't take offence. ;-)
2009-07-10 03:58:10
When I found this pic I didn't find any explanation! So, all this info (thanks for it) was NOT available! Perhaps we had different sources!! :-)
2009-07-10 03:53:06
This picture is titled "Straight To The Storm" and it is by Javier Sanchis. Location is Cabane Bertol, Switzerland. Logan, all that info was available where you took the picture, so why did you not give it to the viewers? You could be an exellent poster if you started to credit the author and give all info that you find at source. You have a good eye for the pics, so why not up your game? ;-)