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Old Comments:

2008-10-03 17:28:18
I'll repost the pic I used for the bottom part cause I can't find the pic on the site to give a link to it.
2008-10-03 17:25:27
I agree, that would have been to much:)
2008-10-01 09:49:05
2008-09-30 23:28:45
P.P.S. Where did you get the bottom half?
2008-09-30 23:26:29
In Never-Never Land.
2008-09-30 23:24:05
Photoshopping is not too familiar a world for me yet to be able to produce anything like this! I draw and paint there and then manipulate the outcome, but this is way out of my league yet. This is the best you have done so far! Keep up the good work! ;-) P.S. I'm glad you did not add any 'critters', that would have been too much...
2008-09-30 20:48:44
Thanks Poppy! When I saw the K2 pic I thougt it was impressive and then got the idea that it would be cool if there was a lake scene below it. I didn't think of it when I was making it but I guess I could have put some critters in the pic! I keep plugging away at it trying to improve, it's a fun hobby. Give it a try, I'd love to see what you come up with!
2008-09-30 16:20:54
2008-09-30 14:03:40
Hey, Kevin, this is ingenious! I wish I could do magic like that! K2 never looked better…
2008-09-30 13:22:10
Danger bat beauty is always beauty
2008-09-30 13:20:44
Danger bat beauty is always beauty