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Old Comments:

2011-11-15 07:19:26
sure,i do,thanks,.
2011-11-14 20:51:01
very kind of you to give this advise and you also post very wonderful pics poppy
2011-11-14 14:49:56
you also post very perfect pics, In Love with Nature:)and i will try to posting for best time as you said and thank you very much for your advise,.
2011-11-14 08:43:11
I  stigma
2011-11-14 08:23:55
Halex, great set of photos, as usual. I have noticed that recently you have been uploading your pics right BEFORE the Pixdaus day changes, therefore the pics get stuck at the bottom of the day's postings as the last entries, just like has happened now (they are included in the posts of Sunday 13th, GMT time). The Pixdaus day now changes at 5 a.m. GMT, check what that is in your local time. My first upload, the mountain scene, is already included in the uploads of Monday 14th (in GMT time). Of course, you can post your pics whenever you wish, but it would be nice to have them among the best of the day, where they belong. :)