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Old Comments:

2008-04-05 06:03:26
Oh great, now everyone is back to thinking we all live in igloos up here....might as well have a moose, a mountie and a beer in the picture too. Oh ya, don't forget the lumber jack...jeez
2008-04-02 17:34:13
Igloo shanty
2008-04-02 08:30:52
Heh I go past there every day (its just off the Transcanada), the igloo is looking a lot meltier now.
2008-04-01 22:33:01
Yes, we do that here too :)
2008-04-01 21:32:42
:) Nose kiss?
2008-04-01 21:26:13
Yep, we Canadians live in igloos up here.