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Posted By:arpi

Old Comments:

2008-08-01 14:28:03
LOL Where are the exhaust?? That's tough placement especially if it is going to remain smooth in appearance so I guess the pipes would need to curve around the back tire outward away from the rubber and rider's legs. You could make some wicked looking pipes too.
2008-08-01 14:23:59
Wow that is beautiful craftmanship but I know it does not actually run. It is really low for comfort and bikes need to have some spring back to handle the road or the rider will fly off in a heartbeat. The aerodynamic is most definitely a speed trap and spokes are neccessary to keep alignment. Looks very comfortable. This is moder art except I never care too much for black because it absorbs so much heat! Maybe a night ride but definitely not day time. I hope the builder can make this functional. I would love to check it out!
2008-03-08 02:34:02
2007-12-25 00:26:11
like a bearing
2007-12-23 10:55:39
maybe its nor working, or it could be based on a ball bearing or roller bearing (most likely roller) construction ...
2007-12-23 08:49:28
i think it's cool AND interesting
2007-12-23 05:17:21
How does that front wheel work????
2007-12-23 05:14:21
not good, not funny, not cool nor interesting. and worst of all: it has already been here before.