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Posted By:RoughRider

Old Comments:

2008-09-01 03:41:55
Good move, lady...!!!
2008-09-01 03:11:58
2008-09-01 02:58:17
I sent all his disgusting pictures to pixdaus admin!
2008-09-01 02:55:44
sandymom , this wasn't Just Sayin comment ! there is a TROLL using other peoples names. (very , very sick indivdual !!! ))) about 5 different=including me. click on the names under the post an you'll see the real poster of the comment .
2008-09-01 02:48:19
And by all means, please report the double-spaced 'Just Sayin' to the admin. The more complaints the admin gets about the abuse, the sooner the troll will (hopefully) be banned.
2008-09-01 02:44:22
I'm the real Just Sayin; click on my name under this comment, and check MY user page. The person you are complaining about has two spaces in their nick between the names (%20%20), my nick has but one (%20)... I'm sorry you had to experience the vile, puerile, and juvenile outgassing from the troll that plagues this site trying to ruin the experience for the rest of pixdaus' users.
2008-08-31 22:57:47
Sandymom...please take the time to click on the names of the posters...there is a troll posting filthy comments under Just Sayin's the real JS's name and you'll see he has posted about two thousand comments, NONE of them the above JS's name and you'll see he has posted only a few ( and ALL of them obscene and disgusting )..and I encourage you to report this to the site admin,and also ( maybe even more effective) report it to the advertisers..let them get the site admin to police the comments..
2008-08-31 22:29:08
You DISGUST ME. That is the sickest comment I have ever seen. I am reporting Just Sayin to the site admin.
2008-08-31 03:43:02
I love your mother too... And check it out... the kid is fisting her!
2008-08-31 02:36:04
All love for mothers !
2008-08-23 02:39:04
I love my mother