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Old Comments:

2010-05-13 13:45:17
Oh yeah, Im a cry-baby for drama movies :-|
2010-05-13 06:50:13
Get your kleenex ready jujuba! :)
2010-05-13 06:34:54
Ive read the book Skip and yes, the story is exactly like you described it. Will try to find the movie...
2010-05-13 06:28:57
It reminds me of a movie I really liked, with Henry Fonda, (the grapes of wrath) if you haven't seen it, you should, it's a very realistic portrayal of that time. The family in the movie go through the worst times but their strength and and love for each other was so touching, it's one of those movies that made me cry, but it was worth it.
2010-05-13 06:09:35
This is a very famous photo, present in all classical books of photography. It is about colonizing California. People used to die on the road. There was no road. Just the dry land. And salt lake(s). This is a farmer wife. A young mother . . What a tragedy ! Thank you for the picture Emil