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Old Comments:

2008-05-12 09:25:48
Well, if you can do better, upload some of your work.
2008-05-02 00:29:31
just shut up... stupid!
2008-04-07 15:38:45
^^^^ Philip could paint a better picture in between cock wrestling and washing his grandmother's hair.
2008-04-07 12:08:52
Mother's Pride? She's having her dick in this ass for fucksake!
2008-04-07 04:30:11
Is it just me or is the baby getting in the way of a good picture?
2008-04-06 20:26:18
Thanks for the correction MVG, and I see the signature bottom right. But aspects of toning indicate a heavily retouched photo. Whatever way, it's not very good. The image looks like the actress Jody Foster?
2008-04-06 18:33:55
it's a painting...
2008-04-06 17:45:02
It looks as though this colour photo is from the 70's to 80's. The whole picture, every part, was heavily retouched, and very badly at that! It stands out a mile!