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Old Comments:

2009-02-01 03:37:01
I was inside of this monument in 1973.It is very very shaking for those standing close to its feet and looking up.
2008-04-18 05:57:10
We had a scale model - my parents cruised the Volga and bought it on a visit to Volgograd in the USSR - Prior to the "democratisation" of the Russias.
2008-04-15 19:33:44
realy great! and great! :)
2008-04-14 22:06:38
no photoshop, it is real
2008-04-14 07:37:57
2008-04-14 03:16:33
Impossible! This must be photoshop!
2008-04-14 01:35:36
In this photo the sword appears to be broken. Please verify...
2008-04-14 01:04:50
great monument! thank you, 'brat' )
2008-04-13 15:16:13
Proper proportioning: thank you, doggie.
2008-04-13 13:09:35
Hidden from the West for a long time.
2008-04-13 12:55:26
Russia has some of the world's finest artists and sculptors - unrecognised in the West!
2008-04-13 12:46:30
According to the Guinness Book of world Records, this is the tallest statue.