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Old Comments:

2008-02-21 02:17:11
I think every nation has something to be proud of. polacc! have you ever been to Moscow or are you just degredating what you don't really know?
2008-02-21 01:48:01
ussr architecture is da beauty! american architecture is so ugly that even stupid muslims think it must be destroyed
2008-02-21 01:31:35
stop giving fucking photos of moscow. It's the ugliest city in the world. fucking USSR architecture
2008-02-20 06:59:55
Yes, I know, but we have nothing in common. Absolutely nothing.
2008-02-20 06:48:14
i love those moscow-style skyscrapers! btw your name sounds like the nickname of a famous motor car driver here in germany!
2008-02-19 14:22:29
OK guys, of course from a bridge, not from a boat. :D It's very nice, that you are reading so carefully even at night. Thanx for the correction, although the style is a bit rude. ;) Thank you ummagumma!!! :))
2008-02-19 09:22:01
Stop debasing Shumni. He's my friend... Don't stab him in the back because of an honest English grammer error... If you are learning Russian you would make mistakes too...
2008-02-19 08:08:45
its from the bridge stupid idiot!!! I live near that (kiewsky voksal)
2008-02-19 08:00:59
The boat was on the bridge ?? !!