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2010-08-13 09:19:56
Back in the late 1950's when I was in high school my Dad decided to buy a little foreign car as a second car for running around town. We looked at Volkswagens, Renaults, and these things. The Volkswagen people said they'd put us on their list and we might get a car in a month or two. The Morris Minor seemed even more dinky than the Renault, so my Dad went with the latter, which turned out to be a fairly sturdy little piece of Gallic workmanship. But I've always loved the way the Minor looks, like a toy car enlarged. Wish I still had the Dauphine...they're collectors items now .
2010-08-13 07:33:17
Cool, I have rode in one. Can't remember what year model. But a friend of mine had one while stationed at Lakenheath England.