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2010-03-30 08:48:01
....and our special guest is the Queen of Pixdaus ;-)
2010-03-30 06:00:23
Welcome to THE PIXDAUS COMEDY HOUR, folks!
2010-03-29 14:53:41
You've got that wrong. I react to YOUR INITIATED insults by dishing it back; and have been doing so for about a year and a half. I don't play the subtle game like you do. I'm used to dealing with unions, some I'm more blunt and open in my comments, so our audience hears loud and clear to what I'm saying.
2010-03-29 14:50:02
Patito says "valuable member of the Pixdaus community". Poppy says the exact same phrase. That's interesting, because I recently made that you had used a phrase (that no one else had used), while using another name. Perfect timing Poppy. Now I can't use that comment as evidence because I can no longer prove it was just you using that phrase. Way to go girl! I do not think you have ever voted for my uploads, nor others. I can't prove is not a is simply a gut feeling. Quite a long time ago, you complimented someone (maybe Skip) on a photo. She immediately responded that you should then vote for it. I was on the site at the time. I laughed because I knew that you were not likely voting for anyone that threatened your ranking. What I do know for a fact is that, as I would be uploading or simply on site, I would see my photos go down right away by 3 votes. Only premium users, like us, can do that. The site is not healthy and never will be. I've outlined my reasons to your friend Patito.
2010-03-29 14:41:04
I remember exactly when Poppy started ridiculing me. It is well over a year ago. It had to do with my lack of knowledge of computers. It was mean to put me down....but in such a subtle way that no one would have picked up on it. She kept it up. What was funny about it is that as Management, I had an Assistant who did all the computer work. Not too stupid, was? She then continued with an issue regarding 'Peking Duck' and on and on. I don't start, I just respond.
2010-03-29 14:36:38
To Poppy’s cyberspace friend: Put a lid on it Patito. It’s bizarre how obsessed you are with Poppy – hovering about, protecting her at every turn. When Poppy gave her temporary Internet e-mail address so folks could get together to discuss on how to deal with trolls, trolls, I refused, and I gave my reason. This gave Poppy the e-mail addresses of certain number of people. She could then choose to send e-mails to some and not others. I suspect that this time she might have just e-mailed you to help her, or you are so in sync you have mental telepathy You said “Myner Keyes made what seemed to me to be a perfectly reasonable and justifiable statement concerning people complaining about reposts.” Interesting you say that since you have often complained about reposts in the past. You also said “Connie's response was not just snippy she called Keyes a dummy”. How terrible of me to respond in such a way to Keyes’ sarcastic comment!! I guess it’s worse than you saying I’m “snippy”, or “…she is irrational, over the top, and ...well....downright wacky”. Also, I remind you of Cohise “who clearly had a couple of screws loose”. Actually, I consider words like ‘dummy’ ‘snippy, ‘wacky’ meaningless – not hurtful nor personal…slang…off the cuff. I can only thank God you haven’t used any vulgar language on me like you used to dish out on a regular basis with anyone who disagreed with you. I always found that not congruent with who I thought you were (you had indicated that you had taught at a catholic school), because well educated people do not normally use such filthy language as you have used. You added: “Then when someone made fun of Connie's comment to Keyes, Connie flipped out and lit into Poppy”. The ‘someone’ was Poppy. She is the ONLY person on Pixdaus who has EVER used that phrase – and she used it on me about a year ago and on Cohise. So you consider the phrase “seems she’s off her meds again” to be funny? I don’t. As a former Human Resources Officer/Consultant, I was also involved in Employment Equity. I can assure you that phrase is considered highly offensive and unacceptable. In a work environment she would be seriously ‘talked to’. It is an insensitive, cruel, mean thing to say when not knowing your audience. For all we know, there could be any number of people on Pixdaus who suffer from depression or other non-physical issues and are on medication. Poppy was ridiculing them. You went further and said: “……Connie flipped out and lit into Poppy, who had in fact posted neither of the comments that provoked Connie's anger”. That is the most bizarre, asinine comment you could have made. What do you mean by “who had in fact”? What fact? Is it ‘fact’ because Poppy told you so? You sound so very sure that….could it be it was you who was the ‘someone’? Please explain that comment. You added: “When Poppy defended herself Connie went on to accuse her of everything short of settin' the barn on fire, accusations most of which Connie has leveled at Poppy in the past…” I outlined Poppy’s accusations of cheating by Artemis and Farhad. That is FACT…it was seen many many times on the ‘Comment’s sections. Secondly, I quoted statistics re popular votes. That is FACT…it can be seen on the individuals’ homepages. Thirdly, I responded to Poppy’s comment “Connie has even claimed that I am Jchip8”. I responded with “Some in the past have claimed you were Jchip8, long before I suspected, by leaving comments under the tags (when some folks could add to them) and your homepage (long since deleted). I was not surprised because I was already suspecting it. I never said for sure that you were Jchip8; I said I strongly suspect you are.” I then gave some reasons as to why I suspect she is jchip8. If, for some strange reason, I said she was jchip8, I said that wrongly. I don’t claim something until I can prove it…facts facts facts. Like I have said before, facts are what I worked with when I did investigations. It’s not “just a photo site”. None of the other sites are like th
2010-03-29 11:43:04
I think all of that came about before I started to come on here at Pixdaus, so I'm not too sure of what happened then or who started things going. All I know that it just seems pointless to go on with this no matter who is at fault. As Patito said a few comments ago... please let it go...
2010-03-29 11:27:22
I don't like arguments, either. But when I am attacked for no reason, and all kinds of dirt is shovelled on me, I cannot be expected to just take it. I don't join her in the mud-slinging, I merely try to defend myself, although I can see that it is pointless since Connie will not yield no matter what. She has a bee in her bonnet about me, so she's the one who needs to back off.
2010-03-29 11:19:20
This is why I refuse to get into arguments. They do not achieve anything. I'd like to get on with everyone who visits here. There is too much fighting and bickering happening on the earth already and I'm not just talking about wars. We post animal pictures of them helping each other and being nice to each other. When they fight though, they fight for survival. But what do humans fight for ? Most times, they are petty reasons. Can you Connie and Poppy go right back and remember what was the first reason why you both started to have problems with each other ? Thinking back, was it worth it all ? Is it important now to you as it was back then ? Please try to make up if you can. Both of you post wonderful photos and I enjoy them alot. But I also enjoy the presence of both of you here too and I would be very sad if one or the other leaves. Please think about it and try to forgive and forget.... :)
2010-03-29 11:00:56
I agree with you, Patito, that Connie is a valuable member of the Pixdaus community, which is why I said that it would be a pity if she leaves but she chose not to believe me (no surprise there). She has good pics and I have enjoyed them greatly and still do, although I now feel reluctant to reward her pics with votes in the light of her continued attacks on me.... but - contrary to what she has claimed - I do not downvote her pics. It is a great shame that we all cannot behave like adults and be friendly with one another - this place could be so nice without all the trouble and strife...
2010-03-29 10:43:40
Myner Keyes made what seemed to me to be a perfectly reasonable and justifiable statement concerning people complaing about reposts. Connie's response was not just snippy..she called Keyes a dummy. Then when someone made fun of Connie's comment to Keyes, Connie flipped out and lit into Poppy, who had in fact posted neither of the comments that provoked Connie's anger. When Poppy defended herself Connie went on to accuse her of everything short of settin' the barn on fire, accusations most of which Connie has leveled at Poppy in the past. Having been myself accused of posting all sorts of comments and pictures which I did not, in fact, post, and having been accused of any number of other foul deeds and misbehaviors, I have a particular sympathy for people who are accused on the basis of suspicion, hearsay, someone's hunch, or other forms of insubstantial evidence, and whose denials are dismissed as lies. I almost always enjoy the photos Connie posts, and almost always vote for them. I also find many of her comments well informed, insightful and amusing. I consider her a valuable member of the Pixdaus community and it would be a great loss to all of us if she departed. But on the subject of Poppy she sometimes reminds me a little of Cohise, who also posted interesting, high-quality photos, but who clearly had a couple of screws loose. I can honestly say I like Connie, and I sincerely hope she stays and continues to post the kind of fine, high-quality photos she has in the past. But on the subject of Poppy she is irrational, over the top, and ...well....downright wacky. Please.....let it go. This is, after all, just a photo website, and nothing that happens here or is said here is really very important or relevant or meaningful in the grand scheme of things. Peace !
2010-03-28 05:11:24
You persistently accused Artemis of cheating over a long period before you finally managed to chase him/her away; he/she gave up and left the site. You have done the exact same thing to Farhad. You were so manipulative and convincing in both cases that others finally joined you in the accusations. Yet, neither Artemis nor Farhad ever got a higher percentage of popular votes than you! You and the others never said why you believed they were cheating. No ‘facts’ were given. I invite folks on Pixdaus to have a good look at all yours, Artemis and Farhad’s uploads and compare I’m not making this up; anyone can go to yours, Artemis and Farhad’s homepage and do the calculation. It’s fact, not fiction. HERE ARE SOME ‘FACTS’: These facts are in the numbers (as given by Pixdaus on the homepages) - in black and white. It’s a FACT that, as of now: Artemis has submitted 3380 photos, 3112 became popular (268 did not) = 92.09% Poppy has submitted 6084 photos, 5990 became popular (94 did not) = 98.45% Farhad has submitted 2843 photos, 2480 became popular (365 did not) = 87.25% And the winner by far is….Poppy. From what I have observed about the voting for about 1 ˝ years, your stats are incredible and unbelievable...pure fiction! Many instances you get over 100+ votes for photos that are not even properly focused or are mediocre at best. With those stats I would say that Artemis may well have cheated, but, because I have never followed closely the votes he/she was getting (like I did with yours), I can’t say for sure. By the way, why do you always refer to Artemis as 'him'? Some in the past have claimed you were Jchip8, long before I suspected, by leaving comments under the tags (when some folks could add to them) and your homepage (long since deleted). I was not surprised because I was already suspecting it. I never said for sure that you were Jchip8; I said I strongly suspect you are. Why did I suspect and still do suspect? One reason is that when someone asked questions to (mostly about) Jchip8, you would respond as if the questions were directed at you. Twice you were asked if you were also Jchip8. You saved your butt by saying that he/she never responds…he does not speak (or write) English. On two other occasions, when I criticized Jchip8 regarding what he/she did with one of my uploads, you quickly came to his/her defense. You once even accused Artemis of trying to get ahead of Jchip8 and added that he/she deserved to be at the top. JChip8 re-posts a lot and still stays #1 at the top and has for a very very long time. Why do you always refer to Jchip8 as 'he'? You have been accused by many of cheating (comments left on tags, your homepage etc). You have also been accused of using different names, which I don’t consider a big deal unless it’s being used to insult someone – like you do. Some have said they were leaving the site because of you (and I'm not referring to the idiot Explode). Your 2nd paragraph – I stand by what I said and still agree with what the Linguist Professor said after reading many of your comments. Your 3rd paragraph – It does not make sense, there is no fact. It implies we are to believe you lived only 5 years in America. Your last paragraph – When I wrote I “will leave the site to the Queen…” I meant I will no t post more photos…I will leave that to you. You most certainly do not consider it a pity or wish me well. For over a year & a half, you have chased many good folks away when they challenged your ranking on the ‘Top’ list or pointed out the great number of votes you got for any given photo…your cheating, and so on.
2010-03-27 20:38:42
Connie presents her delusions about me as facts. Connie still says that I “repeatedly and for a long time attacked Artemis of cheating.” I did attack him, very briefly in 2008, but I was not alone in doing so. Where I am concerned, Connie ‘remembers’ what she wants to remember, and it is always to my detriment. I DID NOT WRITE the comment of Craven Lee Coward! Connie has even claimed that I am Jchip8, who was posting pics here a long time before I had even heard of Pixdaus! Anyone who is that wrong about her ‘facts’ cannot be taken seriously. In April 2009 Connie called me "phoney as hell" and said: "You're no more Scandinavian than I am. My linguistic prof/friend (I did mention him before as a little warning) has looked at a lot of your comments over a period of time. He says you may have been born in a Scandinavian country, but you are either a Canadian or American, and you would have spent a majority of your life in North America. You have the style, a real native." I am neither Canadian nor American, I am 100% Finnish, and English is not my native tongue. Had I spent a majority of my life in North America, then I would now have to be only 6-9 years old since I've spent 5 years in the USA. ;-) I am done with Connie. It would be a pity if she leaves Pixdaus, but if she does, I wish her well.
2010-03-27 08:14:09
I also want to add that I have seen you posting photos at THAT HOUR while I was still on the site.
2010-03-27 04:16:37
Off your meds has been used ONLY BY YOU. My comment above is not quite accurate. It should say "..used the term 'off her meds' before on ME and someone else COHISE". I bet some of your cyber 'friends' will come forward and say they have used this phrase also. About a month ago you used another phrase on someone that only you have ever used. Be careful, those comments might come back to haunt you...I might have saved them ;-) Your masters, Pixdaus, have protected you for a long time while you've been cheating for well over a year. You are one of their monitors, so it would be useless to complain to them about your cheating, and I have known that for a long time. By the way, I NEVER accused Skip of cheating; I only accused you. I quoted the Pixdaus stats on both of you to show that your uploads get about 96% popular votes...very high figures. I pointed that out because both of you were the ones who complained the MOST about unfair voting, and I could not understand why. You quickly jumped in about my accusing Skip of cheating. That was simply to deflect attention from yourself to your cyberspace friend Skip. You repeatedly and for a long time attacked Artemis of cheating to also deflect attention from yourself. I never bothered pointing out this because so many people on Pixdaus have been fooled by you for such a long time. As for my uploads, some folks have no problem with them, but some do. Anyways, I only have about two weeks' worth of photos to upload. Then, I will no longer post. Pixdaus' system of voting and premium users, such as you and I, having 3 votes, allows a great deal of abuse and unfairness. There is too much cheating, too much unfair voting, too much 'voting for your cyber friends' on photos and comments, too many re-posts, too many lies. Pixdaus is not professionally run. So, I will leave the site to the Queen of Pixdaus Poppy and to other cheaters and unfair voters.
2010-03-26 20:45:05
Whenever I have something to say to you, Connie, I say it as Poppy! You are really paranoid, get help. - I was cosily in bed, asleep, at 05.22 when Craven Lee Coward wrote the above comment. I have a job during the day on weekdays and cannot (and would not) stay up all night at Pixdaus! "Off the "meds" has been used by many, many people on this site, notably in connection with Cohise. Even you have used the expression yourself. - I am staying as far away from you as possible, and I expect you to extend me the same courtesy. However, I do not expect an apology from you as you appear to be incapable of such action. You are so firmly entrenched in your 'hallucinations' about me that you see me behind every attack on you. Please get someone to help you with your picture-saving method! In almost all sites, the pics are JPEG images but you manage to turn them into BMP images, and they are the ones that open up slowly and from the bottom up. Your uploading method (which you described under another pic), appears to be correct. When Pixdaus launches the new platform, it will be compulsory to register a name to do ANY action (apart from just viewing pics), including writing comments, thus the 'one-comment wonders' will be history. If in the future you think that I am behind a comment that you don't like, you can write to Pixdaus and they'll be able to trace the person and tell you that it was not Poppy. ;-)
2010-03-26 12:30:03
Hi Poppy! By the way, you've used the term 'off her meds' before...on someone else. You're too easy to spot ;-)
2010-03-26 12:22:31
Take Heed Ye Posters, lest ye feel the Wrath of Khannie ! ( seems she's off her meds again )
2010-03-26 11:18:36
...and by the way I'm not police...and just who are you...hiding under the troll name MK? I, at least, always use my own username, and that's why I'm not popular on this site. A great many of Danis' uploads have already been posted. One does not have to have memorized any photos; a simple search of one minutes would have sufficed for Danis to determine that photo was already posted. Sometimes, even with a search, we (including me) end up re-posting. That's because folks don't use the photographer's own caption and the tags don't make sense. But at least we should make some effort. Next time MK have the guts to use your own username. I have already told you Danis quite a while back that you were reposting too much. You responded that you did not have the time to do searches. I said that implied the rest of us had time to go through reposts over and over again. Is that reasonable?
2010-03-26 11:06:01
Search for Morning Prayer and 2 pop up - simple even for dummies like you MK
2010-03-26 10:35:32
I had never seen this before, so if someone had not posted it here at this time I would have never seen it. It is not , from my point of view, a duplicate. Perhaps it is a duplicate for you. But not everyone has memorized the entire back files of this website as you apparently have.
2010-03-26 10:00:43
duplicate ALWAYS ALWAYS duplicate with you