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2009-01-04 02:37:16
Morning Glow by Mark Fleming It was only a matter of time before another lighthouse appeared on here. Living in Maine I find it impossible to avoid these majestic symbols of our rocky coast. This shot is of Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light, which sits on a tiny island less than 100 yards off shore. As I'm sure you figured out this is an HDR image. A combination of seven exposures created from one RAW file. It is shots like these that make me realize just how important HDR can be in landscape photography. When I arrived on scene I was faced with an almost impossible lighting situation, the sun was rising just behind the lighthouse casting the entire front side of the island in shadow. The HDR allowed me to get the detail in both the island as well as the dramatic sky, in a way that even a graduated filter probably wouldn't have allowed. As always I am anxious to hear your thoughts. Mark Fleming