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Old Comments:

2009-09-09 15:33:56
A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books. Walt Whitman
2009-09-09 13:49:30
Oh Patito the martyr! Stop whipping yourself; you Americans are not all that bad...I think ;-)
2009-09-09 13:12:19
You could have mentioned this early in the spring : )
2009-09-09 12:33:41
Please don't worry about offending us..we're tough....we can take it..we're used to it....hell, we probably deserve it !
2009-09-09 12:24:55
You two are a hoot. My favourite Morning Glories are the blue ones. Skip, I was going to call the cat an American, but I didn't want to offend Patito and other Americans in the audience ;-)
2009-09-09 11:06:00
That's some very informative and useful information Doctor P, I will have to research it, and I don't have to be told that you are funny!! : )
2009-09-09 10:35:55
Not only is the Morning Glory a beautiful flower, but if you save the seeds from the Heavenly Blues and ingest a few of them you will discover that they cointain a very potent hallucinogen...or so I've been told...NOTE: be sure and use seeds from your own plants or those of a friend, and not seeds you buy..those are treated with an emetic that will cause you to toss your cookies...or so I've been told...
2009-09-09 10:03:16
it's funny because I was just going to post a Morning Glory, a blue one, seriously, it's true :) we must be on the same wave length. I also think that adorable cat at the table must be american cause you say he's not suave,,,you have to teach our cats some manners :)
2009-09-09 09:43:37
My fave flower besides the lilac, thanks connie!