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Old Comments:

2010-09-23 14:31:58
My, but you have led a sheltered life... Just enter 'twat definition' in your search bar ..I'm smiling already... : )
2010-09-23 14:20:05
And pray tell - what does twatface mean?
2010-09-23 14:19:41
I had seen one grave pic - it game me the shivers. Your comment, under a photo of poppies, referred to roses. So, I got suspicious that Poppy2 was also a troll name. So, this means that troll or some other, can breach security at Pixdaus and perhaps access our e-mail addresses. I told Chris last month that I got a strange message on the e-mail address I just use for one else has it. On the top lists, your name was listed twice, and another username was listed four times...I think it was Ademir. Now, I see 'poppy' listed once. I guess Pixdaus fixed that. Why put the grave pics under 18+...Chris's sense of irony? Dems spooky times!!
2010-09-23 13:32:34
Haaaaw haw haw ..twatface ! perfect ! I love it !
2010-09-23 12:11:41
Yes, I posted the Poppy2 picture. There was a security breach at Pixdaus and a hacker managed to post pics in poppy's name and the pics landed in poppy's file. In addition to that, I lost 641 of my most recent uploads, plus a huge number of my best pics, altogether well over 1000 pics. Click on New 18+ and you'll see 2 grave pics that the hacker posted in my name. Pixdaus changed the uploader name to twatface so the pics are no longer in my file. ;-)
2010-09-22 10:41:30
Poppy - There was a photo with a comment from Poppy2 who said she was the real poppy, and that someone had hacked into your site and using your name to post photos (3 roses). Do you know what's going on?
2010-09-21 23:03:30
You are very welcome, Coy. Everything is going along well now here, (I hope).... :)
2010-09-21 23:02:23
Yes, I've just noticed that, thankyou Poppy. I had to log in again. That's how I knew something was going on. I'm glad everything is working once again... :)
2010-09-21 22:57:14
Thank you ladies. Those functions are not working for me either..Perhaps they will later...
2010-09-21 22:56:25
It's all working now, Mary. ;-)
2010-09-21 22:35:52
Also the comments down and upvote buttons are not working, and the same also goes for making a picture a favourite... :( At least we can comment... :)
2010-09-21 21:48:27
The voting button doesn't work for me either, Poppy. Just to let you know that someone else is having that problem also...:( Beautiful photo, Coy... :)
2010-09-21 21:46:40
What a lovely photo, COY! The voting button does not seem to work, so I cannot vote for it, shame... :-(