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Old Comments:

2010-08-14 01:32:18
For me, this is new and I like it! A lot. :)
2010-08-13 12:44:48
Added this to my favourites, Coy. Just a most beautiful place... :)
2010-08-13 12:43:45
That is also beautiful.... :)
2010-08-13 12:41:16
That's beautiful Jacksparrow. I added it to my favourites. No wonder they call it 'Sleepy Hollow'.... :)
2010-08-13 12:40:55
Yeah, I posted one with the name Retired Old Man @
2010-08-13 12:35:39
The one I posted under jacksparrow is here @ But I think I posted another under a different name.... I'll check.
2010-08-13 12:27:05
Sorry, here is the link for that......
2010-08-13 12:25:16
Hi Coy, Hoping you are well. I have found (courtesy of Tineye) another posting of the above photo, by Uilleam. It just depends on what the poster gives as the heading for the photo. There could well be other postings on Pixdaus of this photo besides this one by you and Uilleam....
2010-08-13 12:10:11
I did a search on Pixdaus for this photo, but did not find any posting of it. However, I did not search under any of the tags that you mentioned. Sometimes it is almost impossible to do a complete search. Thanks for your comment jacksparrow.
2010-08-13 07:46:21
Sleepy Hollow Farm, Woodstock, Vermont. There's a few shots here already, but this one of the better ones. I think. :)