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Old Comments:

2010-09-13 05:58:09
Is Savannah the thief that stole Kev's staircase?
2010-08-21 19:17:48
You have a problem with humour ardycejean?
2010-08-21 16:12:50
So you have it all figured out do you. It was only a short while ago that you were so certain that this Cohise person was me, ardycejean. And, I at least am absolutely sure that is wrong. Connie nothing you write is worth reading - case solved.
2010-08-20 20:36:35
You've got it all wrong Chupacabra. Cohise is Mediator - case solved.
2010-08-20 20:34:04
Just before going to bed I decided to check the comments here. After reading all of them, I laughed so hard, my ribs hurt. What a great way to end the day ;-) Bonne nuit to all
2010-08-20 20:29:46
That's what I was referring to. Have you remembered more? It's a bit of a fun mystery to solve ;-)
2010-08-20 19:42:12
Very Interesting indeed. Do a search for images of chupacabra and have a look at the alter-ego of this individual. Not a pretty picture.
2010-08-20 19:17:39
One wonders if Chupacabra is aware that that word, in Spanish, means 'goat sucker' or 'one who sucks goats?' One also wonders how he or she proposes that we find the photo posted by Mediator back in 2008 to which he or she refers? Chupacabra appears to be not merely a troll but an unusually vicious, malevolent and mendacious troll.
2010-08-20 18:53:27
Thanks again Parisian Girl. I looked at the Park Hyatt Vendome on google maps - there seems to be an interior courtyard with lots of greenery and something blue in the middle, perhaps this is where the stairs are. The aerial image was not really clear enough to be sure.
2010-08-20 18:41:18
Yep, we could call it "patito's effect" or just plain simple "duck effect".
2010-08-20 18:31:57
First someone says Savannah is Patito. Now someone says Mediator is Patito. I suppose if we wait a while someone will say Chupacabra is also Patito. What a strange collection of delusional psychotics we find assembled here orbiting around Patito, almost as if he exerted a force upon them similar to a gravitational field.
2010-08-20 16:05:58
Mediator = patito; just couldn't stay out of this one could you. This is one of your very old alias names that you first used two years ago. If anybody doubts that it is you they would need only to look at the only photo ever posted by mediator back in 2008. However, I think that you and I should take our stuff elewhere and leave comments under this photo to the girls.
2010-08-20 15:43:37
I am not sure if this message is aimed my way or not. By CDG Roissey are you referring to Charles DeGaul Roissey airport? One of the 3 Paris Hyatt hotels is at the airport, but I have never been there.
2010-08-20 15:40:19
There are three Hyatt hotels in Paris, as well as numerous other major architectural hotels. If my memory is serving me right, the one I am thinking of is the Park Hyatt Vendome. This hotel is quite architecturally ornate on the exterior and at the same time very modern and plush on the interior. At the hotel, where I saw the stairway similar to this one (if not the same) I didn't descend the stairs but simply looked down on them (as in the picture) from the large ballroom/reception room.
2010-08-20 14:26:57
Why don't you say anything Savannah. You posted this pic so tell them where those stairs are!!!!!!!!
2010-08-20 14:08:07
Checked the Hyatt and numerous other 5 star places but failed to find any with outdoor pools & stairs.
2010-08-19 19:48:12
Which one are you referring to...beside the one at CDG Roissey?
2010-08-19 17:31:00
That is great Parisian Girl! Some of us have been hoping that someone would recognise the stairs. I will check the hotels to see if they show them. Thank you.
2010-08-19 17:21:13
Many thanks for that, Parisian Girl. I appreciate your kindness and I'm sure that Gabrielle will too. I thought that blue in the photo belongs to a swimming pool, so I am right there at least. Thanks again... :)
2010-08-19 17:12:54
These steps are at one of the 5 star architectural hotels in Paris. I am not sure which one but I think the Hyatt. The stairs, which undoubtedly originated elsewhere and were moved to this location when the hotel was built, lead down from the ballroom area into the open garden area behind. What you see, at the top of the photo, and behind the fence, is the hotel swimming pool. I have attended diplomatic receptions, with my husband, at quite a few of these hotels, so I cannot be certain which one this is. Or even 100% certain that these are the same stairs that I remember. However, in time, I will be back again and check them out for a more positive ID. I no longer live in Paris, so it may well be a while before I get back. However, I am not too far away. The Hyatt hotel is not in the Montmartre area but is close. Perhaps the stairway was originally in Montmartre and has been moved.
2010-08-19 16:54:03
Apparently there is a roof top garden in Paris in an area called Les Halles. Could these stairs be there ? i have an ideas that these stairs could be in around that area. Please see what I mean by this link....
2010-08-19 16:21:44
I think the comment was addressed at me. You're the one, chupacabra, that posted the Marshall Dillon you could accuse patito of it. You're sooooo transparent ;-)
2010-08-19 15:21:39
Well Marshall Dillon = patito you're not fooling anybody with yet another lame name. Since everybody knows that Marshall Dillon is patito, why not just sign your comment that way? Or is it you that is the goat-sucking coward you accuse everybody else of being?
2010-08-19 14:05:27
You might not "eotsc" - but we do. Some of us might just like to visit it and have a closer look. I might point out that you so not have to read our exchanges. I pass by many myself, but enjoy the exchanges that I participate in - and I love finding out where things are. It is the result of having been a mapmaker.
2010-08-19 13:59:08
Yours is the only stupid comment here, Enough. Just mind your own goddamn stupid business, you butt-faced bitch !
2010-08-19 13:53:42
2010-08-19 13:33:07
19 comments by PictureGirl, Gabrielle and Connie! Does anybody else really care where this staircase is? I don't!
2010-08-19 13:25:48
I went on Google France to search for Lucille St. Lucien as a street. There is no such street called that in all of Paris. I had previously searched that name as a photographer with no luck. Savannah, mind helping us here - we're trying to solve a very very big mystery ;-)
2010-08-19 12:48:55
I checked out Lucille St. Lucien in all sorts of combinations and like Connie I came up with zilch so it may not be a photographer's name at all. Perhaps PictureGirl is right and it is a street or district name? But Where is the question.
2010-08-19 09:21:51
Thankyou for clearing that up Connie, I mean about Lucille St. Lucien. I thought that was a street in Paris and wasn't aware that it is really the photographer's name... :)
2010-08-19 06:39:34
I searched under the photographer's name Lucille St. Lucien and nothing came up.
2010-08-18 22:15:57
Yes, I have also noticed that about Gazopa. I don't like that fault about it either. You just never know though. Maybe we'll find that picture on another website on our travels here and recognize it. I hope so anyway....
2010-08-18 18:01:33
Mary, I too have checked as you have and also on "Google Similar Images" and Gazopa. These last two sites are rather crude compared to TinEye as they simply overwhelm you with pics similar only in colour or tone, resulting in some truly weird "matches". So far TinEye seems to be the only reverse search that really looks at the picture in any detail, but it has, so far, come up with nothing for these stairs. I still hope some kind Pixdauer will know them and enlighten us.
2010-08-18 16:46:35
Sorry, that's thought, not though.... :(
2010-08-18 16:45:19
Gabrielle, I've had another go at trying to find out where this place is. I've looked at those blue things in the picture and wondered what they could be. I though that it may belong to a swimming pool, but then I gave up that idea. Then I wondered what those tags (lucille st.lucien) mean ? I looked that up on Google and then Google maps, but found nothing. I'm afraid I'm running out of ideas. I've even looked on Flcikr for pics of this place. Nothing again. This photo is indeed a mystery.... :(
2010-08-18 15:09:20
Still wondering - doesn't anyone recognize these stairs?
2010-08-17 17:10:25
I believe that there are a lot of stairs on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco - could they be these? Though I must admit that they look more "old world" to me.
2010-08-16 18:27:18
The stairs on the Eiffel Tower are actually not beautiful - they are simply a means to get up ;-)
2010-08-16 17:53:15
I have done some checking and they do not seem to be the ones on the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps someone out there can solve this mystery? Please!
2010-08-16 15:42:35
It has those same patterns on the actual steps as in this photo. I don't know.... it's got me beat.. :( (Sigh)...
2010-08-16 15:41:57
Now that's a possibility - will have to check that. They are certainly very beautiful stairs such as would be expected on the Eiffel Tower.
2010-08-16 15:40:00
The Eiffel Tower stairs are of the same material as the Tower itself, so I guess it's iron, but those stairs are quite different than these ones. I climbed part ways on the Eiffel Tower's stairs then took the elevator; my knees were getting really sore - a bit of arthritis because I used to run hills for fitness and preparation for the hiking season ;-)
2010-08-16 13:24:54
Gabrielle, I've done abit of searching around for this picture and have seen from the results that the stairs to and from the Eiffel Tower are made of iron, so could it be those steps in question here ?
2010-08-16 12:28:29
I agree with you Connie and I suspect that these stairs are somewhere else. I tried TinEye but nothing came up. There seems to be an enclosure of some kind at the base - I wonder if it is in a zoo?
2010-08-16 05:58:20
The Escaliers (stairs) de Montmartre are famous. They are made of stone..some cobbled and cement. I've spent a lot of time exploring Montmartre in the summers of 2008 & 2009, and I never came across those stairs. But, that does not mean they are not there.
2010-08-15 18:15:18
This is a very beautiful iron stair case - but just where is it in Montmartre? I have searched, in both English and French but nothing remotely like this came up, all were solid stone. I am curious and would like to see it from another angle.