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Posted By:almourrakochi

Old Comments:

2010-08-03 08:56:45
You have been imitating me ever since I explained to you what :) ;) ;-) :-) etc were... then you adopted my smiley. You cannot walk in my shoes, they're too big for you. ;-)
2010-08-03 04:29:14
I was hoping you'd notice and like my smiley. I thought I would start imitating you for a while. Walk in your shoes and such...
2010-08-02 21:45:27
To connie: “Not to forget that Poppy just previously used the word 'networking'. I wonder who the ringleader is in all this ;-)” – Why did I use the word ‘networking’? Because that was the key word in Bystander Opinion’s comment when he/she accused Jujuba and PictureGirl of networking. As to ‘ringleader’, you see plots and conspiracies everywhere although you have no knowledge of such things existing... I especially like the smiley you added to your 'snarky' comment.
2010-07-31 23:54:33
It's Okay ! You can ALL be Patito. Here's how: Send $25 cash in US dollars or the equivalent in Mexican Pesos or Euros to: I Want To Be a Patito, Box 711, Cullible Gulch, Utah. You'll receive an instruction manual on how to walk, talk, drink and spit just like the real Patito, plus a set of genuine Patito whiskers, a bald spot, a 40 pound beer belly, and a list of Patito's favorite oaths, expletives and cuss words. Act now and we'll throw in a free cook book of Patito's favorite recipes, like Possum Chili, 'Gator Gumbo, and Huevos Chingados. Supply is limited, so send in your order today !
2010-07-31 23:35:28
No, Wait ! No fair ! I wanna be Patito too !
2010-07-31 23:17:30
Sorry to upset your precious theories but I am not Patito, though I admire his wit and candor. Nor am I Poppy or anyone else but Matt Gloss. Some of you live in such a constricted little world here you seem to forget there are over three hundred million people in the US alone, and that a fairly large number of us have acces to a computer with an internet connection. What is amazing is the blinding speed with which some of you leap to conclusions . You have decided that I'm Patito based entirely on your own subjective interpretation of my comments and without a shred of evidence. Very well, if it satisfies some deep longing within any of you to believe I'm Patito, then please be my guest and believe I'm Patito. I've already changed my nick here about six times and have no qualms about changing it again. Perhaps I'll become Patitothe Second, or Patito Dos. Tata for now ! Or should I say Adios !
2010-07-31 17:00:37
Fair enough about the laughing Connie, but I don't find it's funny when people feel that they have to be mean and nasty. I believe in kindness and love. I'm not into this accusing business, who is what and why and when. I laugh when I have to, but all the goings on here don't make me laugh. I'm sorry if that offends anyone. Each to their own, I guess. I'd just prefer to post pictures, comment nicely and try to be kind to as many people as I can be...
2010-07-31 16:47:39
You've got to laugh PictureGirl! This place is a real zoo, with everyone accusing everyone of being somebody else. It's the loonies let loose out of the loonie bin...a real soap opera called 'As the Stomach Turns'. As I'm typing this, I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes and my ribs are hurting. But seriously PictureGirl - studies have shown that when we laugh we release to our brain a natural chemical that's in our bodies called endorphins, and that's better than any drugs on the market for folks who feel blue sometimes.
2010-07-31 16:39:35
My laugh for the day. You're a troublemaker Bystander...but you can be funny ;-)
2010-07-31 16:05:04
Well, so MattGloss is in fact Patito! Makes a lot of sense and I should have guessed this before. So MattGloss/Patito, this seems to be another case of the old Texas stove calling the kettle black.
2010-07-31 15:27:55
Whatever is happening, I just ask if people could please leave me out of it. I do not wish to be a part of these silly differences of opinion. Thankyou...
2010-07-31 15:20:56
On further thinking - I think that Bystander Opinion and MattGloss might be trying to cause trouble for me with folks like PictureGirl and Jujuba. I used the term devious on Bystander decides to use it. Then MattGloss, to try to 'bait' me uses a Patito phrase "...or as they say out west, all hat and no cattle". Not to forget that Poppy just previously used the word 'networking'. I wonder who the ringleader is in all this ;-) Stay tuned for episode #2 of "As the Stomach Turns".
2010-07-31 14:53:49
Patito - only you could have written this comment. So, I'm Bystander, ru and who else? What bait? Bystander said this was the best photo posted today. I would never have written that. This type of photo is in every Canadian travel brochures from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast...and it's also out of focus. It's a nice enough photo, but certainly not the nicest one uploaded today. As for the comment about PictureGirl and Jujuba - it's pure cattiness. PictureGirl, Jujuba and others enjoy not only being civil and polite but they also enjoy 'talking' to each other. They come across as being very ulterior motives there. MattGloss, I stronghly suspect your have a hidden agenda which goes beyond trying to 'set a trap'. If you are not Patito I would be very surprised.
2010-07-31 09:43:31
I personaly regard you as an opinionated bitch.
2010-07-31 09:40:17
I personally regard somebody who manages to upvote their own photos by +20 votes, to be using devious methods.
2010-07-31 04:08:22
Thank you for taking the bait. Not many will be surprised to learn that Bystander Opinion is in fact Connie.
2010-07-31 04:05:27
Out in Texas? ;-)
2010-07-31 04:03:11
Bystander is either an old hand trolling under a new nick or an aggressively arrogant newcomer. If she wants anyone to pay the least attention to what she says she needs to first pay her dues, which means do the work required to find and post some first class photographs herself. Otherwise she is merely full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Or, as they say out west, all hat and no cattle.
2010-07-31 01:46:25
The viewers decide what is the best picture of the day. Are you the uploader of this picture? What you are saying sounds like sour grapes to me… Why are you attacking me? I don’t have any ‘devious voting methods’ - and why are you linking my name to that of jchip8? To be fair to jchip8, I have never detected any sign of untoward upvoting either on the day of posting pics or later on in the file (while the latter method has been deployed by quite a few pixdaus posters, endlessly!). As to people who, according to you, might be benefiting from what you call networking: Are you so unhappy and lonely in your private life that you have to come on an Internet site and spitefully attack people who are able to make friends there and you are not? Those of us who are friendly with one another here have formed those attachments over quite a long time, and in that time we have learned to distinguish between friend and foe.
2010-07-30 16:06:36
IMHO this is undoubtedly the best photo uploaded to Pixdaus today, yet it is languishing in 13th place in the voting, well behind some much poorer photos. Why might this be? Do some uploaders, such as Poppy and JChip8 greatly benefit from devious voting methods? Do others such as PictureGirl and Jujuba greatly benefit from their networking?
2010-07-30 10:41:53
I agree, Jujuba... :)
2010-07-30 10:25:11