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Old Comments:

2009-04-10 14:35:11
Been there once
2009-04-10 14:34:16
It's in Normandy France
2009-04-10 06:49:14
been there twice
2008-04-16 14:31:33
King Arthur was said to have killed a giant that lived on the mountain and commissioned a church to be built there.
2008-02-03 17:44:50
Been there...
2008-01-02 07:04:06
this is the Mont-Saint-Michel, Manche, Lower-Normandy, France
2007-12-29 03:17:16
If rising sea levels happen, people will just build walls around their city! Nothing to fear!
2007-12-28 20:36:34
Actually it's in Normandy
2007-12-28 04:26:02
Found it, thanks everyone!
2007-12-28 03:33:20
Google Earth: Latitude: 48°37'58.29"N Longitude: 1°30'34.43"W
2007-12-28 03:18:06
it's in brittany, france. the tide only ever comes up that high twice a year, at the equinoxes.
2007-12-28 03:06:23
I take it that this is in Mont St. Michel in Quebec Canada? I can't seem to find this structure on Google Maps. It's beautiful, anyone have more information?