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Old Comments:

2011-08-31 18:40:10
I give up. No way to take from the rich to give to the poor.
2011-08-27 00:30:15
2011-08-27 00:29:47
Zuunmo, Mongolia July 2003 - Mongolian Wrestling contests in the Llama Naadam, by Jerey Nicholl NOT BY PETRA GUNTERSSEN AND NOT BY KIM CHEE
2011-08-27 00:17:57
Ham HOCK, numbnuts, not hamlock.
2011-08-27 00:07:31
There were two copies of this picture under Recently Commented. Now, the one by the original poster Hamlock has disappeared. Columbia is posting duplicates and if there are any complaints he has the original posted pics removed. He did the same thing with the nudibranch picture.
2011-08-26 20:10:01
All other Kim Chee's be lying imperialist war-mongering capitalist swine ! I am one and only genuine real sure-enough no-shit Kim Chee !
2011-08-26 20:07:18
Not So ! Person claiming to be real Kim Chee is cheap knock-off Kim Chee from Singapore. I am only real Kim Chee !
2011-08-26 20:05:29
You not the real Kim Chee. I the real Kim Chee. You cheap imitation Kim Chee from Taiwan !
2011-08-26 20:03:52
No..other pic disappered..then gone again in no time..very mysterious...must look into this as the fate of nations hangs in the balance !
2011-08-26 19:44:03
Your wrong and dumb Kim Chee. The pic uploaded by me (Hamhock) has just disappeared
2011-08-26 19:41:02
The pic by me and posted by Santa Barbara with 34 votes has now disappearrrrrrrrrrrrrrred
2011-08-26 19:25:15
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's Riiiiiiiiiiiiight! Nooooooooooooobody caaaaaaaaaaaaaares but yooooooooooooooooooooooou !
2011-08-26 19:20:01
Whoooooooooooo cares ! Noooooooooby ! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuger off !
2011-08-26 19:16:47
reeeeeepost !