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Old Comments:

2008-06-08 21:39:59
no it's not Sam Elliot...grin...Sam has very long legs that go all the way upto ooOoo neva mind ... it's not Sam, I think he really is just a cowboy :)
2008-06-08 21:04:24
...neither Shepard nor Elliot, I think. But who cares? Keep 'em coming, Willya! Being a pioneer is never easy!
2008-06-08 20:59:57
I don't think it's Sam, but whoever he is, he can move in anytime... Thanks, Willya!
2008-06-08 20:58:55
yes it is a good photo, and I think his name is Sam Elliot not shepard :)
2008-06-08 20:45:02
Not to worry Skip...I just think they have a few broke back mountain "personal" issues they need to work out for them selves. I think this is quite a striking photo. I love his face and the far away look of his eyes.
2008-06-08 19:47:01
For anyone who starts minusing because they don't like the comments made on that other cowboy picture...think how you would feel if you were having your pictures shot down just because their was an attractive girl in them, this is not about "us against you" it's about sharing!!!
2008-06-08 19:32:09
He's nice looking, he looks kinda like I think his name is Sam shepard. The guy who does all the cowboy movies