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Old Comments:

2008-11-04 23:18:27
LOL! He's so strong now after doing all that he could huff and puff and blow a house down.
2008-11-04 23:15:44
Thanks Skip! I can imagine something like that swimming in the ocean. There are some really cool creatures down there, I saw some on animal planet.
2008-11-03 22:36:52
Thanks for the name, Art Lover. Chihuly has done some amazing work!
2008-11-03 12:07:38
There is an enormous one at the Oklahoma City Art Museum.
2008-11-03 03:17:23
This is by Chihuly.
2008-11-03 01:25:07
Great sculpture, Kevin! The glassblower's cheeks must be hurting, that's a lot of glass. ;-)
2008-11-02 23:33:17
Cool Kevin!! looks sorta like glass fishes or some kind of underwater life.