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Old Comments:

2008-07-22 22:54:58
Don't know about the bananas, but they are classified as, nominally at least, a republic, and call themselves the Republic of Zimbabwe.Of course, about all being a republic really means is that a country isn't a monarchy. Whatever the correct term for a country like Zimbabwe may be, it is certainly one hell of a mess.
2008-07-22 22:07:14
Albertina, how can Zimbabwe be a banana republic? They have neither a republic or any bananas.
2008-07-22 12:33:25
Life under Obama. FACT!!!
2008-07-22 05:05:38
Probably some change the kid found.....Buwahahahahahahah
2008-07-22 03:14:10
Monday, July 21, 2008 1 US Dollar = 27301616030 Zimbabwe Dollar Lol ! Looks like he's got about 2000 notes, worth less than 2 cents ! Bank notes are useless as they lose most of their values as soon as they are printed ...
2008-07-22 02:50:13
All that money will probably buy just one loaf of bread.
2008-07-22 02:48:17
All that money will probably buy just one loaf of bread.
2008-07-21 23:30:33
If only he could hold onto to this till times get better
2008-07-21 14:03:25
Lunch money.
2008-07-21 11:53:55
"Yes I'd like to buy something from the dollar menu please."