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Posted By:PoochPics

Old Comments:

2010-07-22 10:15:07
I'm just a plain old non-premium user and when I click on 'see full-size image' all I get is a page telling me that for $4.98 or so I can do it and some other things. What's up with that ?
2010-07-22 10:04:33
I was pretty sure it was you, but I was not absolutely positive. It allows me to post photos that would normally be too big. That's why I used to post a lot of 'black' photos ;-)
2010-07-22 09:57:11
That would be me Connie...glad it´s helping you a lot :-)
2010-07-22 09:32:22
As of just recently, when I remove the frames from photos using the Paint Program - Edit they will not download. When I use the Paint Program -Edit...Image...Stretch/Skew (make it bigger or smaller), it downloads fine. Someone on Pixdaus told me about the Stretch/Skew thingy, but I can't remember who. It's great!
2010-07-22 09:31:09
Non-premium users like me can also see it full...just right-click on the photo and select 'view image'. The full picture will come up and sometimes if you click on the pic again after that it gets even bigger.
2010-07-22 09:22:31
This is a wonderful photo, Pooch Pic, and since I'm a premium user I can see it full size and without the missing part on the right. But it would have been so much better for the non-premium users if you had edited it a bit by either cropping it on the left or reducing it slightly in size, either of which you can easily do with Paint.