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Old Comments:

2009-11-29 10:12:54
Connie's trolley seems to have completely jumped the track. let us all pray that she makes a speedy and complete recovery. Amen.
2009-11-29 09:58:04
Yes you did, so did Patito...for about one & a half years now. In one of your above comments you wrote " No one needs to look at the 'recently upvoted page'; it doesn't say much. The facts, in black and white, show on the individual poster's pages. It's there, it's consistent, it's bizarre. Folks on Pixdaus just need to look at photos posted by the top posters; they need to- scroll down their photos and see how many votes they get pages after pages (100s, 200s, 300s....). They get hundreds of votes for mediocre photos!! And it's very consistent over a long period of time. On the reverse side, some get little or even minus votes for very good photography...over a very long period of time. Some premium users vote their photos up and vote others down. We, premium users, have too much power; at one click, we can give -3 or +3 votes; that's not democratic or fair. The issue with trolls is just to deflect what is really going. Your comment "Not once did you respond to the fact that I thought of you as a friend...." What does that got to do with fact? You are Poppy's cyberspace friend; and have consistently defended her, not matter what she does or says. It's easy to say we are friends with so and so in cyberspace because one cannot prove differently. Friendship is a long-term face-to-face relationship. Your comment above: "...I even got involved was because I had remembered you telling me I was good at calming the waters, or being a peacemaker you said I could have worked in public relations like you had..." I don't recall the exact words I wrote regarding you being a peacemaker...But, it would have been off the cuff...a meaningless comment. I most certainly would not have said I worked in public relations; I never have. I have written before that my career was very varied, which often included some form of investigation. For the last 15 years or so of my career I was in the Human Resources Management field. I did some recruitment and selection of Public Relations people, and I therefore would know what the qualifications are; so I may have made a comment to that regard.
2009-11-29 08:42:43
You keep saying what I do, and do not do as if it's a fact because you say so...well here's some news for you. I did NOT say over and over that poppy and Patito and I were downvoted, I mentioned their names on a few pics lately because I thought everyone knew about them and it was an obvious example of people being downvoted, and for the third time, I mentioned you being downvoted also. you are quoting my statistics as if to say I am cheating...I do not cheat, and after they added the recently upvoted page I did have a clear idea of who was and was not upvoting their own pics, I will not name people off as you do,,,,because I know that even if I did see certain people nicks in the recent upvoted section all the time, it still does not absolutely prove beyond a doubt that they are the ones doing is one thing, to get a theory or idea about people doing something wrong, and it's a whole different thing to say with no proof that people are liars and cheats and whatever else pops into your said I twisted your words? I believe you twisted mine each time you replied like a pretzel! but lukily my words are still there no matter what you say...and I notice not once did you respond to the fact that I thought of you as a friend and that it hurt me to see your true feelings towards me,, now anyone who wants to make fun of me for saying I was hurt feel free to do so,,,,but thanks Connie for teaching me something more about public relations.
2009-11-29 08:23:50
WHAT ABOUT YOUR VICIOUS ATTACKS ON ARTEMIS AND FARHARD'S CHARACTERS? Some loonies, weirdos and trolls were created to deflect attention from what is really going on. No matter how many beautiful photos others post, you will NEVER allow them to topple you from your perch. Artemis became a treat to your ranking - so you continuously attacked her for over a year and half with accusations of cheating. The same accusations wre made to Farhad. If this were a "real world", you could not sue would have to prove 'malicious intent'. My intent, which I could prove, would be to expose you to be a cheat and liar; I could hire a computer technican. I forgot their exact title, but the FBI among others hire them. They can go through a computer and determine who did what.
2009-11-29 08:09:36
Skip - I briefly glanced at what you wrote. I noticed the comment re comic book guy. I had recognized a photo as a re-post. So, I did a very basic search (under the photographer's name or a key word) that took me a minute, and it showed that comic book guy was the one that had originally posted that photo). The reason I did this is to show that we should all do at least a minimal search before we post our photos. Poppy was not responding to a repost. I have already said that to you, so please stop twisting the facts. As for the rest of your comments, they also basically twist facts. I agree that Poppy's photos get down voted at times just shortly after she posted them. I have joked about it and said I would back her up, knowing full well that when they eventually get out of site, the numbers climb up dramatically. I was using a bit of irony. Poppy, jchip8, Artemis and you continuously get huge votes no matter what you post. A lot of so-called trolls are premium users who down vote others, even other premium users, and up vote their own photos. The constant accusations made against some ‘trolls’ are to deflect attention from the fact that some premium users up vote their photos by HUGE amounts. Poppy has continuously accused Artemis for a year and a half of cheating, and also continuously accused Farhad from the time he started posting. It was said so often and over a long period of time that it became tiresome. That was all to deflect attention from her cheating and trying to prevent them from climbing too close to her spot. She’s not worried about jchip8, so therefore does not accuse her of cheating. Some have over time accused her of being jchip8; I was not surprised because I also thought that, but I can’t prove it. The facts are in the numbers. That is what counts - it's fact - they can be seen. Poppy posted 5659 photos, 5551 became popular = 98% (only 108 photos not popular)!! Skip posted 2640 photos, 2574 became popular = 97% (only 66 photos not popular)!! Artemis posted 3457, 3193 became popular = 92% (only 254 not popular) Farhad posted 2854, 371 became popular = 87% (371 not popular) Note: for recent posters who may not know what ‘popular’ is – it’s 11 or more votes Skip – you DO go on and on about folks down voting Poppy’s and Patito’s photos. I have already stated my opinion as to why Patito does not get many votes for his photos. But, take a good hard look at the numbers.
2009-11-29 00:53:18
Dear Ms've been one of my favorite people here since you first showed up, and you still are...I've come to have considerable regard and respect for your wide-ranging interests, your persepctive on history and world events, your sense of humor and ability to take a joke, and your feistiness and willingness to come to the defense of others...But...I have to tell you that I have followed this little dust-up between you and Poppy very carefully, and it looks to me as if you are kinda out in left field on this one... You've accused her of being obsessed with ratings and with the Top List..but Poppy has stated often that the ratings are bullshit ( which they are ) and has called for the Top List to be abolished... and consider this: a few months back a new poster showed up called Henry VIII....posted lots of great lots of positive votes...guess who ol' Henry turned out to be? None other than Poppy....if someone was really obsessed with ratings and accumulating votes, would they create a separate identity and divert votes away from themselves? Just doesn't add up... I know what it feels like to be under attack..I've existed in a virtual state of seige by one little peckerwood or another for what seems like forever..I've been accused of everything short of murder and high treason, and called some really ugly names...None of that bothers me very much because I'm an old guy with a lot of perspective who's been through some pretty tough real-world physical confrontations and conflicts and can see the stuff that happens here in that context ...the trolls attacking me can rave on forever and I'll be more amused than angry..they are not only no big deal, they're no deal at all...but Poppy thought, and I thought, that the two of you had a cordial and collegial relationship here, and I expect your attacks have been pretty painful to her... I'm not gonna suggest the two of you kiss and make up, or that anyone apologize to anyone else...but I am hoping and praying that you will stand down, un-cock your pistols, and let this fuss die a quiet, natural death...Please....
2009-11-28 16:26:19
Dished what out Connie? I said I thought both you and poppy were smart women, who knew alot, and were not afraid to speak your minds, then I added that I understood how you felt, and the reason I even got involved was because I had remembered you telling me I was good at calming the waters, or being a peacemaker you said I could have worked in public relations like you had, and I took that as a nice compliment, and thought maybe I could help you and poppy to get along again, because I thought it was not worth it to have bad feelings between you over a repost. I mentioned that I had always enjoyed talking with you and had fun with you joking or whatever. But then you came back accusing me of saying over and over of "me and poppy and Patito are being downvoted....which I did NOT say! I said that I had pointed out before that many people were downvoted including YOU more than once, and once just recently. You accused me of standing up for poppy saying " where was I when poppy told you about a repost from a year ago"...I answered that I did not think I needed to comment on that anymore than when you told danis or many other people lately that they had reposts. I said you had told one person that they reposted a pic by comic book guy, who has not posted here for more than a year, you said it did not matter about comic book guy, because you did a simple search, but the point was, you were so upset that poppy had pointed out an old picture of yours from a year ago, and you had done the same thing by bringing up comic book guys old picture. I was not defending anyone, you brought that up to me, about not defending you when poppy told you about a repost,, so I answered it. I thought I had a nice relationship with you over time on here, but you sounded very angry at me, and like I said, I only decided to get involved because of your saying I was good at helping people get along,, obviously not so good this time. I brought up the name calling of poppy and peasant after you accused me of defending them, which I had not done, in my first comment, because I thought it was out of line to say that, calling poppy a liar and cheat and peasant a weasel, saying they worked together to orchestrate your repost pic coming up. I did not understand how you could come to that conclusion so fast, when just last week, and even before that you went on poppy's pics saying..." lucky I'm here to help you out, because the downvoters are after you" if you felt she was a liar and cheat, and was not being downvoted, then it makes no sense to be supporting her that way. Then you said I had a selective memory because of whatever went on between you and peasant. I never even read the remarks between you two, and was not aware you had any bad feelings between you. and as for all the statistics you gave me about my file.. Ofcorse I'm more aware of what goes on with my pics than you just like you are with your's but that dosen't make me a liar just because you don't know about it. and I thought it was better for me to talk about myself because like I said, I did not know if other people wanted me to mention their downvotes. Everyone knows about the downvoting and trolls with patito and poppy so if I did mention it, (alot less times) than you were trying to make it sound, I thought it was ok, because it was already out in the open, again, I was not sure people wanted me naming their nicks about them being downvoted.
2009-11-26 23:57:49
To Connie: Your comments here and under constitute a vicious attack on my character. But, given that you are so firmly entrenched in your beliefs, defending myself against your ridiculous statements is not worth my time and effort. Your 'theories' and accusations are so ludicrous that the only support that you could possibly get for them is likely to come from the loonies, weirdos and trolls. If that is the company you wish to keep, youre welcome to it. If this were the real world, Id sue you for slander, and win. From now on, Connie, I will steer clear of you and I hope youll extend me the same courtesy.
2009-11-26 06:36:14
I'm not surprised by your comment; you, along with Skip and Lilly have always rushed to Poppy's defense no matter what she does or what she says to people. Every time someone commented that Poppy was cheating (and that happened often), you would rush to her defense. You would say that Poppy posts the best photos on the site (you have to be kidding). Mind you, you havent said that for a while. Now, Poppy might say to leave you out of it.
2009-11-26 06:27:44
You'll lying again purposely searched out one of your uploads that I had reposted. Why would you bother making that comment after it had been posted over a year ago if not for mischief? And, don't give that lame excuse that you were concerned about spelling and giving the photographer's name. You say that you are "deeply concerned"...the only concern you have is how Poppy can stay on top of the's your overriding are obsessed with it. Skip, as usual, rushed to your defense and has done so for well over a year. I had the right to respond to her comments. She dished it out; I gave it back. Peasant deliberately got involved, and I responded. So, do not tell me not to respond to what they both wrote; I have a right. I don't trash and I dont flail indiscriminately around - I know exactly what I'm doing. My periodic eruptions? Are you referring to the issue of Peking Duck? You had been making insensitive commentstrying to put me down etcall in a very subtle way.nobody had caught on. Yet, I had never done anything to you, but I let it ride for months. Like now, you had played the innocent to your audience. You referred to how Peking Duck is served. I suspect that you had found the information on a WEB site. (Youre good at researching info on the Web and let folks know how knowledgeable you are re flowers etc). I found the article in Wikipedia word for word. But, you had deliberately omitted the most important word, so it would suit your purpose. By doing that, you had deliberately tried to mislead your audience and tried to make me look the fool. I had been patient for months, but I finally let you have it. You can dish it out Poppy, but you sure can't take it. I had told folks on Pixdaus that a big chunk of my career involved some form of investigation or other; you should have remembered that. By the way, you are still continuing the Peking Duck and where you live issue...for months now. But, as usual, you're very sneaky, very subtle, and again no one has caught on. It shows your vindictive nature and lack of maturity. Some folks had caught on to what you've been doing re the votes for about a year and a half now. They have left remarks under the tags (when we could add to the tags) and comments some anonymous (you call them trolls). So, I know that some are aware of what you are up to; but many of them have finally given up and left the site. They know that folks are completely fooled by you, and your followers would never believe them they would be ridiculed. Anyways, some followers are also playing the vote game.
2009-11-26 01:49:38
Please, please, pretty please with sugar and strawberries and whip-cream on it, Ms Connie...what with all my earthly trials and tribulations dealing with swarms of trolls, fanatics, porn-posters and village idiots, I'm now faced with a squabble between some of my very favorite friends here....I've been reading your comments and Poppy's comments and Skip's and Peasant's comments for a long long as any of you have been here, in fact...I've also seen the kinds of photos all of you post..a pretty good picture has emerged over that period of time of who ya'll are...all of you, I repeat, ALL of you are characterized by a high level of basic human decency, a considerable amount of integrity and honesty, a keen sense of humor, a better than average ability to find and post interesting, high quality photographs, and a desire to see this site evolve in a way that will make it a better and more enjoyable place, free of the pestilential presence of nasty varmits...I've gotta tell you that I think you're mistaken about these folks, and that your present course is distressing to all of us who have the highest regard for all of you... Now, what I hope you will do, in order to preserve the domestic tranquility, and as a personal favor to me, your Bon Ami, is to step back, give that fiery and fiesty French temper a chance to cool off a little bit, and take the time to mull things over and get things in perspective....You and I and Poppy all have a tendency to shoot from the hip...that can be a good thing, depending on where you are and what kind of critters you're dealing with...but it's also a good way to plug one of your friends or I am trying to get King Louie to agree to some kind of truce or a cease-fire ( without much success, apparently...the guy still thinks I'm the incarnation of all that's wicked in the world) so we can relax and enjoy the holidays...I've got food to cook, guests to entertain, kinfolks to put up with, and several very important football games that MUST be watched ( Hook 'em Horns ! ) and I'd very much like to get this little spat patched up...okie dokie? Please ? Por favor? S'il te plait ?
2009-11-25 21:35:57
Connie, I did not decide to do it after a year. As I was moving between sections on Monday 23rd, this pic just popped up. I thought it was a new pic (in Newly Posted section), and as I knew I had posted the pic before and remembered the name Majorelle, I found my pic, wrote the comment where I corrected the place name and gave the author name. - Obviously, I cannot have been in Newly Posted but in Random Best, which I was not aware of till I checked the uploading numbers AFTER you got upset about my comment. As to the rest of your accusations (under the above pic), I will respond to them after Mt. Connie has cooled down. I am, however, deeply concerned over the fact that you start thrashing and flailing indiscriminately around and attacking Skip and Peasant. I am used to your periodic eruptions, and I am clearly the target of your anger, so leave other people out of it, please. You claim to have integrity, so lets see it in action.
2009-11-25 07:50:40
You have many times made comments under a repost. You decided to do that after a year? You're a pathetic liar and cheat...and have been so for almost two years.
2009-11-24 21:29:46
I did not make a comment on it because it's a repost, I made it because you had Mjorelle in the title and I knew that to be wrong because I remembered posting the same pic. I wrote Majorelle into the search bar and my pic was the first one to pop up. I thought it would be good to have the author name mentioned.
2009-11-24 06:47:47
What an incredible coincidence that you now put this comment...since I posted this photo a year ago! And it's right after Peasant somehow found this photo among thousands on Pixdaus! It's absolutely amazing!! One might imagine you both orchestrated this. Oops...come to think of it, it's the first time you saw this re-post...silly me. If you both put your heads together, you'll find some other ones I re-posted. If you remember, I did state in some comments, that I had re-posted quite a few photos including some of yours, over a year ago...before I realized there was a search button
2009-11-24 04:17:03
Majorelle Gardens... Photo by Colin White.