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Old Comments:

2009-03-31 09:51:37
Thanks Boss
2009-03-31 09:36:00
Kewl pic! Creative stuff, keep up the good work! I'll have to check out gimp, I do all my stuff with Photoshop elements 7 and CorelDraw.
2009-03-31 09:24:44
Thanks Skipelina!!
2009-03-30 21:37:06
How bout skipelina? I dont think it will hurt, only the people in the computer world will have to adjust to the new me, I've been female all along in the real world... I think : ) You are a riot fuzzy blue one!!!!
2009-03-30 21:33:15
I wouldn't place any bets on that connie, anyway atleast people around here seem willing to help if we need it : )
2009-03-30 20:52:46
Skip -What are you gonna change your name to? Skipina? Skippetta? Will we know its you after 'the change'-Will the change hurt? Did you need counseling in order to make the decision? How long do think it will take for you and the people around you to adjust to your new appearance?
2009-03-30 16:52:08
I wasn't absolutely sure at first whether you were a she. I thought you wrote in a female way, but I did not assume ;-) And, you can't be as bad as me with a computer.
2009-03-30 15:07:56
How ingenious, A Bouts! Well done!
2009-03-30 13:36:00
I'm sorry A Bouts, I tried a couple times and can't get it to work, me and connie have somthin in common when it comes to pc's, I choose the name from my dog skip, but I feel restricted with it, it's hard to say certain things when your suppose to be a dude, or when johnnywalk calls me man, you the man skip! haha, anyway I think the muppets people would buy this pic!
2009-03-30 12:29:29
I think it's great when you correct someone. I can just picture them sitting there trying to imagine what country you come from where 'Skip' is a girls name. Plus dude now has more than one meaning. Here's an oldy but a goody
2009-03-30 12:05:20
I'm still fascinated with it, it looks like she's wearing a pink flower dress, typical miss piggy! I haven't checked out your video yet, but I asked pixdaus for a name change and no reply. people keep calling me dude! : )
2009-03-30 11:51:41
On this I had to do it in many layers "add a layer" That way when yo go to erase, paint or resize an image it will be the only thing affected while the rest of the work will remain.
2009-03-30 11:12:16
This is cute -Good work! -I better try harder at coming up with something worthwhile with Gimp. You are very creative!
2009-03-30 10:28:02
Thanks Skip. Who's not a dude but each time I see the name I think of H.Ledger's character in the movie "Lords of Dogtown"
2009-03-30 10:17:00
A Bouts!! I minused this before I took a good look at it, because I just posted these flowers recently, but without the pigs! I think it's really cute, you are getting to be another kevin Walker... and he's famous!