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Posted By:Mugzy

Old Comments:

2009-03-23 06:43:10
No, that boat is not suitable for diving, though it tries hard to.
2009-01-05 00:45:35
The scuttlebutt is that this happened while the agent and the new owners were present ( though not on board ) ceelebraing with champagne and strawberries...this is pretty representative of the level of seamanship among owners of these kinds of boats..
2009-01-05 00:16:59
yacht mishap occurred on 7 March 2007 at Port Jebel Ali (a man-made harbor in the Gulf of Arabia outside Dubai, UAE). When the pictured $1.5 million Carver 55' Marquis Motor Yacht was being lifted aboard a cargo ship by slings for transport to the U.S., it slipped out of the forward sling, plunged bow-first into the water, and capsized, with the friction from the rear sling tearing off the yacht's propellers, shafts, struts, and drive train.