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Old Comments:

2009-12-02 09:24:58
You are the personfication of innocence! Sorry, I have tears in my eyes. Cause I laughed so much! You are not only the greatest asshole of pixdaus, patito, you are actually the greatest JOKE of Pixdaus... And I will have a nice day, cause all the sailors are again at YOUR home! : )
2009-12-02 09:14:25
p.s.: "in your insane mind I am guilty of everything" In YOUR insane mind all people who detected that you are this unbelievable self-righteous stupid scumbag are ALL one person!!! (What an idea!) People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
2009-12-02 09:13:57
Actually, I don't expect you to believe anything other than the fantasies that already inhabit your poor, sick mind. Really, PS, your condition might be treatable with counseling and therapy. For your own sake, see a doctor. You desperately need psychiatric help . Have a nice day ! : )
2009-12-02 09:06:58
Ooooh, let's get out the violins for poor patito... Your mom's aware she'll eventually have to stop breast-feeding? You expect us to believe this shit? And you are not able to give pics 20 votes at once (e.g. just a few moments ago for peasant!) God damn: a schizophrenic loser!
2009-12-02 08:59:21
Your mom pick all the sailors for free already! No one left! But you can call them all "Daddy"!! You little wanker delete comments which show the truth about your weird brain! Just to make YOU (or your soulmates) look good! You delete them several times (e.g. FIVE TIMES the "poppy posting annoying comments" FIVE TIMES!) You delete whole pictures when you are to dumb to answer. You are the greates loser and the scum of Pixdaus...
2009-12-02 08:57:37
Again.. I DO NOT have the ability to delete comments..I wish I did.. all of yours would go into the garbage where they belong....of course the actual facts don't matter to your insane mind I am guilty of everything ....if a photo or a comment is deleted, Patito did it...if a photo gets up-voted , Patito did really should seek treatment for your mental condition, my dear friend, before it gets worse...
2009-12-02 08:48:21
Where is your momma, P S ? Probably down at the docks trying to pick up sailors. Have a nice day, and say hello to your goat for me. : )
2009-12-02 08:43:48
waahh, waah, it wasn't me, waah, where is my mama... But you COULD! And you DID delete the comments and the pics you self-righteous, peacockish fucking asshole!!
2009-12-02 08:35:42
Obviously, I did NOT write the above comment...our resident paranoid schizophrenic troll wrote it....sorry Sheriff, but you're not fooling anyone.
2009-12-02 08:14:31
observer, someone wrote under your other pic "poppy: Why do you specialize in posting annoying comments nobody is interested in?" so I have to delete your picture! I'll never delete a pic of my beloved poppy, so I thank you for your understanding. P.S.: I reserve my right to delete this picture too! Best regards patito
2009-12-02 03:27:13
No Photoshop - just colored lights illuminating the museum entrance. From Wikepedia: The Institute of Arts features an encyclopedic collection of approximately 100,000 objects spanning 5,000 years of world history. Its collection includes paintings, photographs, prints & drawings, textiles, architecture, and decorative arts. Thee are collections of African art and art from Oceania and the Americas, and an especially strong collection of Asian art, called "one of the finest and most comprehensive Asian art collections in the country". The Asian collection includes Chinese architecture, jades, bronzes, and ceramics.