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Posted By:humbug

Old Comments:

2009-05-17 01:14:59
Hi, skip, I didn't mean your comment was flattering. I meant it made me feel good to see someone repost something that I previously uploaded. lol Anyway...I forgot to mention these photos are by Jade Ching. There's more in Jades profile at Regards, Jack
2009-05-17 00:25:11
I should throw in that there are about ten reposts today already on the most popular pages,with over eleven votes, I have had repost written on alot of my pics when it was not true because I did a long draggy search for them. I don't know what the answer is about reposts, because it's true that a repost may be a new pic to lots of people.
2009-05-17 00:12:40
Jacksparrow, I'm sorry if you posted these before, I definitely don't know everything, I don't flatter I just give compliments when I like a picture, and it bothers me when they write repost when it's not true, but it's hard for all of us to see every pic that's posted here with so many people posting.
2009-05-16 23:57:53
Very flattering. I tied these to gether and posted theme a awhile back. regards
2009-05-16 23:54:00
This is great humbug! and I've never seen it before and I've been coming here a long time now.