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Old Comments:

2008-07-08 12:44:50
Are you on B.C. Bud Philip? Apparently, it's the best. You're very entertaining.
2008-06-21 05:44:26
Two dozen LOLs!
2008-06-21 04:00:24
It happened in Quito, Ecuador, like 2 months ago. Was a hole of 70 meters or something like that, cause by the rain and the bad construction of that place, is called "El Trebol".
2008-05-01 23:38:30
Clearly this is the work of Photoshop!
2008-04-13 11:12:42
Thanks for that info, I couldn't find anything in English about it and was really just guessing as to what and where
2008-04-13 11:10:31
Thanks for that info, I couldn't find anything in English about it and was really just guessing as to what and where
2008-04-13 06:09:34
"wegverzakking" is dutch for "road depression". It usually is very shallow (a few cm) and caused by rain water that removes soil underneath the road, so it collapses. Definately not in the Netherlands, judging from the trees, the size of the hole and the geolgical aspect of the soil. Probably a collapsed mine or something in a former Ducth Colony?
2008-04-12 14:38:32
Clearly this is the work of the Silver Surfer!
2008-04-12 13:26:22
No sir!! Alien abduction, its as simple as that!
2008-04-12 10:33:00
wow, that's some kind of crazy trip you're on
2008-04-12 04:05:00
I can tell you how it happened! It was created as a direct consequence of an order by George W. Bush, to build an escape tunnel for him and his Zionist puppet masters, in anticipation of the U.S. militia's move to arrest him for the 9/11 false flag operation, and invading Afghanistan and Iraq and destroying the American Constitution. The blueprints were drawn by Bush himself. The area of the big hole was the ventilation shaft to release both his and Blair's hot air. What Bush failed to take account of was a plan by the workmen building the tunnel to create a trap. When the cabal of criminals were moving under the ventilation shaft a seismic shock would dislodge support columns, thus releasing five hundred thousand tons of earth and rock, squashing the criminals to razor-thin dimensions. But the workmen realised that the Bush cabal energies would severely pollute the earth for millions of years. So they sabotaged the whole thing instead. Thus the big hole! It actually goes down half a mile. If you decide to go down that way, make sure to buy an ice cream from the little man who has a stall just two metres from the hole. He's trying to save some money to buy a pogo stick to go to work on.
2008-04-12 03:30:25
this is SPARTA
2008-04-12 02:46:26
Don't ask me to pronounce this.. it happened in Wegverzakking in the Netherlands. Not 100% on that though
2008-04-12 02:35:15
This is insane! I want to know what caused this, or how it came about. How deep is it? Email me please!
2008-04-12 02:28:52
wooow! where is this?