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Posted By:gullekian

Old Comments:

2009-04-25 10:21:12
I'm sorry, I should have said you have a beautiful wife.
2009-04-25 09:36:57
Thanks I took a look at your photo's and I have to compliment you again, what a great looking dog! the black shiny hair and those eye's you took some good shot's of him too, you might be able to tell I am a dog lover,, I'm a lady but I even took my dog's name skip, for a nick on here, he was a golden retriever and a very smart dog, even though he's passed away now, he is still very much with me everyday, I learned alot from him. so I understand your being proud of your dog,, and by the way, you have a beautiful girlfriend also!
2009-04-25 08:00:49
Yes he is mi dog, my wife found him 3 years ago and we took him with us........ he's 3 and a half years old now.... thanks for the compliments.... You can see some more of his pictures here: By the way you have very nice pictures too
2009-04-03 11:42:20
I don't know if this is your dog, but he sure is a nice looking dog! and I like the name too.