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Old Comments:

2011-01-01 11:31:18
Yeah - JChip8 is too busy reposting and cheating to make any comments...after all, he/she has to stay #1 on the 'Top' list....Hmmmmm.
2011-01-01 11:27:43
Jchip: 8512 photos posted....139 comments Connie: 4623 photos posted...5934 comments Is there maybe some kind of lesson or message in these numbers? Hmmmm....?
2011-01-01 09:45:59
So you did it again with your latest upload - Texan Oaks by J.A.X. Just how are you managing to upload those photos when they have been disabled by the photographer?
2010-12-05 06:35:11
Well, jchip8, I'm still waiting to hear how you managed to circumvent the "the owner has disabled downloading of their photos". I have another question, why did Simone at Pixdaus not delete this?
2010-12-01 12:03:25
I forgot to add that while I was still on the site, I watched my upload going up for a while, then down down down, and JChip8's upload went up up up.
2010-12-01 12:01:51
For folks who are more recent on Pixdaus. About two years ago, after I posted a photo and while I was still on the site, JChip8 removed the writing at the bottom right hand corner of the photo and uploaded it as his/her find. ALL DONE IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES!! ….and has kept on cheating since then. That is how and why JChip8 is at the top of the list, and nobody can dislodge him/her. JChip8 does not only reposts deliberately like some others do, but goes far beyond by being very sneaky about it.
2010-12-01 12:00:09
The caption for this photo is "Milkyway Aurora Panorama"...hand stitched from about 7 shots. The photographer is Iceland Aurora (Tony Prower) @ flickr. When you click on the photo to get the larger size, here is what you get. "All Rights Reserved" and "The owner has disabled downloading of their photos." The photographer does not mention Norway as indicated under your tags. There are 5 locations on google where this photo shows up. The largest size is 550x367…at The photo there is not identical to the one you posted. THE FIVE LOCATIONS: 1) (500x312) – no information or photographer’s name given except title “Milky Way Aurora Panorama”. You might have obtained the photo from there. When I stretch it from 500 to yours at 900, it is not as clear as what you uploaded. Also, where would you have obtained the photographer’s name? 2) flickr - The photographer disabled the downloading 3) the - There is no photo and no information 4) – When you click on the photo and it takes you to flickr 5) - Under the photo it says “A very dark night! 30 seconds ISO1600 f/1.4. I needed to let as much light in as possible for this weak aurora and milky way. Unfortunately the stars are not in focus as the DOF was so shallow at f/1.4…….. Tony Prower runs photography tours and Northern Light workshops in Iceland” (NOTE: Iceland not Norway). You could not have obtained the photo from that site as the photo is a bit different; part of the right side is missing. You have had to obtain the photographer’s name from flickr or ephotozine. The only place where you could have uploaded the photo is (doubtful) or flickr by circumventing the disabled downloading. So: How did you manage to circumvent “The owner has disabled downloading of their photos”? I tried to, and I could not. Why did you not provide a complete caption as given by the photographer? Why did you show the location to be Norway? I have posted photos that say “All Rights Reserved” but NEVER when it says “The owner has disabled downloading of their photos”. Yet Simone at Pixdaus deletes them. You are the second person that I am aware of recently, who has found a way to get beyond the ‘DISABLED’ function!! I guess there may be a software program for that.