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Old Comments:

2011-09-15 07:07:11
Well, I just uploaded a picture with my main nic. So, I don't know. I still can't upload with Internet Explorer though.. I have to use Firefox. Maybe they're having trouble keeping up with these browsers.
2011-09-15 05:57:58
I have not heard from anyone that they can't post any longer using the usernames. I have criticized/accused Chris of lack of directly of scrambling the URLs so can't pick the correct photos on this site. It's not correct for one net business to try to harm another net business. Especially since is a Canadian company ;-). It had a nice write-up in the business section of a newspaper here not too long ago. I also criticized him for the problems on this site - deletion of photos and comments. So Chris gave me the boot.
2011-09-15 05:35:01
Yeah, there's been no improvement since I've been gone. If anything it's got worse. apparently they're not very interested in keeping it upgraded.
2011-09-15 05:14:09
Thanks jacksparrow. You were away for quite a while. I had not posted since 31 December 2010, except for some cartoons etc using other names (nothing to offend anyone). When I did decided to post a few photos about three weeks ago using 'Connie', I could not. I contacted Simone and she said it must be my computer. I reminded her that I had written I could post using other names. She replied that she was not a teckie and would pass my email on to Chris. When I did not hear from him, I emailed them twice - no response.
2011-09-15 04:41:32
like the pic btw
2011-09-15 04:40:49
i couldn't post under my name earlier either.
2011-09-15 02:27:59
I'm posting under helmut1 because I can't post under Connie, or my real name Aline, or two others I tried.